Mitt Romney Gets Endorsement from George H.W. Bush

John Berman reports on the big endorsement and GOP Christmas wishes.
3:14 | 12/23/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mitt Romney Gets Endorsement from George H.W. Bush
-- to your voice your vote the campaign's only slowing down a little for the holiday. Christmas already coming early for Mitt Romney on Thursday picking up the endorsement. A former president George H. W. Bush ABC's John Berman is a New Hampshire with much more on all of this morning John. Good morning -- well there are some snow falling on Mitt Romney's bus here this morning he has a few events here in New Hampshire before. Heading home for the holidays with his family all the candidates will be with their families this weekend -- and yes they do have their political wish lists. But we tried to get to the bottom of their. Family holiday secrets. For Mitt Romney Christmas came early -- sort of endorsement from former president George H. W. Bush -- in the business. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Even politically bush told the Houston Chronicle he thinks Romney is mature in reasonable not a bomb thrower. Sounds like it -- new Gingrich though bush denied that as for news well -- pushing all of Iowa Mary Christmas on the airwaves. From our family TI's. Merry Christmas and happy new year he was putting coal in -- well -- -- Is -- And when. All of the candidates will be with their families on Christmas so what can their spouses expects under the -- Ron -- told us I didn't want to tip his hand too much sleep almost always gets his wife jewelry. No surprise the guy does love his gold only dollars over the legal -- as for Rick Perry we know who's in charge in his house. -- why. And I have in the tonight. Not a person actually back. In Mitt Romney will. No one will be seeing the millionaire's tax returns this Christmas we don't have any current plans to release tax returns but never say never but -- or promised. And Romney will be getting something good morning again missing from her business. That's a secret she's in the room. -- you put your hands -- -- once they get. -- -- -- But feel like it you guarantee this is a promise right -- campaign promise you guarantee is that Romney like we've got for Christmas yes yes I guarantee she'll love it. That the campaign promise he better deliver on now Newt Gingrich's case you're wondering -- said if he gets the nomination. He will release his full tax return so. Some sharp elbows flying right up until Christmas Day here Rodman and so you spent some time with Mitt Romney we have -- What he wants. I asked him flat out what he wants for Christmas and governor -- as well as by the way ambassador Huntsman Ron Paul told us what they want for Christmas is just to be with their families which they all will be I pushed mr. Romney -- Do you want Iowa perhaps under the tree and he told me. He doesn't think big theater will be delivering his state down the chimney this year that would be a little difficult well and looks beautiful there in New Hampshire with the snow falling John. I hope that you'll be with your family to. Thanks so much I will thank Robin -- and a half --

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{"id":15219859,"title":"Mitt Romney Gets Endorsement from George H.W. Bush","duration":"3:14","description":"John Berman reports on the big endorsement and GOP Christmas wishes.","url":"/GMA/video/mitt-romney-endorsement-george-hw-bush-15219859","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}