Mitt Romney 'Feeling Pretty Good' After Florida Win

The Republican front-runner talks to George Stephanopoulos.
4:11 | 02/01/12

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Transcript for Mitt Romney 'Feeling Pretty Good' After Florida Win
-- joined now -- last night's big winner former governor Mitt Romney down in Florida this morning congratulations governor. Thank you George very best to you. You know there were no congratulations last night from Newt Gingrich not in his speech -- take -- he didn't call you either. He's vowing to fight for six more months he says now it's about people power. First is money power your response. Well I think here in Florida you saw great turnout from a lot of people in -- state which is -- many respects characteristic of the rest of the nation because. So many people from over the nation retire here. And the people here I think made their mind up. Based upon the debates it was a chance to see both of us to talk about our respective visions for the future of the country and fortunately I was able to connect with people here and get the kind of support I needed as a matter of fact I understand. That I was able to get more votes here in Florida than has ever been accomplished before so I'm I'm feeling pretty good this morning George. I'll bet you are those debates are pretty rough and tumble so was the ad war. Calculation -- about 92% of the ads. I -- Florida last week were negative -- you know a lot of Republicans are starting to worry that a long primary fight the negativity. Of a long primary fight is gonna hurt the eventual. The nominee and -- know there's some evidence of that we did a poll last week you -- Philippine your favorability ratings back in September. Yet about one in -- -- -- an unfavorable rating from one in three voters now it's almost half. Are you worried about that -- -- -- turn around. Well I think what you're seeing now from speaker Gingrich is is just a precursor of what you'll see from President Obama. And in some respects perhaps that what we're getting now inoculate -- -- prepares us. But what would come down the road that don't build no question but the Barack Obama's billion dollar machine. Will organize the most of vitriolic. Spiteful campaign in American history and we're gonna have to be ready for that be able to raise the money necessarily to stand up against it. And push back very hard against a president who has quite clearly failed the American people city that you put those questions about your personal background your business back on your personal finances to rest. -- I don't think you ever put anything to rest entirely the other the other campaigns will come after me hard from time at a time. But ultimately the people -- of the country -- gonna have to ask whether they want someone from Washington. To try and fix Washington. Or whether instead they want someone from outside Washington who has experience in the private sector and also at the Olympics. And then as a governor to go way to get things right in Washington and I think. That message. And a conviction that I know something about how to get the economy going again. Is a reason I'm able to get the kind of support I've received here in Florida. -- in your in your party the Republican Party the winner of the Florida primary has won the nomination every single time. Is there anything they can block you from the nomination right now. Well I'm sure as speaker Gingrich said Rick Santorum and Ron Paul -- smoke could be just can mine. But I'm feeling pretty good -- today obviously we're going out to several more states now going to be at a Minnesota. At noontime today -- going to look at Las Vegas for an event this afternoon or evening. We're gonna work very hard to make sure I continue to get the delegates I need but. You know I feel like we've got a good pathway -- full we'll -- question -- every single nominee successful nominee. Faces this god tests in the campaign where they take a hit they start bleeding and they have to show their stuff you certainly did do that. In Florida but this -- and what did you learn about yourself last week. Well you know I I didn't worry a lot about the ups and downs of -- campaign frankly I'm I'm convinced that if the people of this country want to get America strong again -- back on track that. But that come to my campaign to be part of our effort. But if they decide to go a different direction that's not the end of the world for me I love this country. Perhaps -- convinced that there are future's going to be -- You know I have a good life of my family my -- I don't have to -- I just want to win and I wanna win because I care about the country so. You I learned about myself is when things get tough put your head down you worked very hard. We do the job necessary to get your message out there and if you succeed so much the better congregations again your victory thanks for your time this morning. Thanks George good to be with you.

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{"id":15486963,"title":"Mitt Romney 'Feeling Pretty Good' After Florida Win","duration":"4:11","description":"The Republican front-runner talks to George Stephanopoulos.","url":"/GMA/video/mitt-romney-feeling-pretty-good-florida-primary-win-15486963","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}