Mitt Romney: Michigan or Bust?

GOP hopeful takes a stumble and is now in a down to the wire race with Santorum.
2:40 | 02/25/12

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Transcript for Mitt Romney: Michigan or Bust?
It's your voice your vote battleground Michigan. T minus three days until what likely will be a tipping point in this race and at this. Do or die moment the Romney campaign now dealing with -- still embarrassing missteps. Let's get more this morning from David -- was in Washington David good morning to you. Dan you're absolutely right we are at this very critical point with this Michigan primary just days away Romney's and a little bit -- -- -- he needs to get everything right correct. So what were they thinking. I give you the next president of the United States mayor problem. Full what was billed as a big speech how to -- -- -- so wrong. Romney in a cavernous football stadium. Just thirty yards and shares some of them empty and the entire stands completely empty. -- not much better outside where workers reminded Romney. Did he oppose the auto bailout saying let Detroit go bankrupt. Cars. But that didn't stop Romney threw awkwardly drew attention to his wealth against when he called himself a car -- -- so I drove a mustang an area. And -- should be pick up truck and drives a couple of cadillacs actually. A couple of cadillacs. One -- a home in California one in a home in Boston. Ronnie did -- a few details to his economic plan. A 20% cut to income taxes raise the retirement age for social security and also raise the eligibility age for Medicare. -- Those of the kind of common sense changes we have to have we got to fix our balance sheet. With so much on the line the Michigan primary is proving to be a pivotal moment in the campaign. The gloves are coming off. Romney homeowner Rick Santorum during the debate while I was fighting to say the Olympics you are fighting to save the bridge to nowhere and he's not letting up on the airwaves Rick Santorum is -- -- Washington insider. Santorum to has a -- -- -- left even though he also oppose the auto bailout he's hitting Romney in a new. From the side of Michigan workers. Negative on the -- -- but last night Santorum was mr. -- We've seen too much just nasty politics. On issues that well frankly I haven't even talked about. He may have turned it down a little bit last night but expect Santorum to continue to. Go after Mitt Romney and he's going to be calling him a resolute the liberal. It is a critical pivot point in this race stand and they are racing for the last votes there in Michigan. The L word. Big big fighting point thank you David -- and you'll definitely want to watch tomorrow morning as George Stephanopoulos -- one on one with Rick Santorum on ABC's. This week.

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{"id":15789468,"title":"Mitt Romney: Michigan or Bust?","duration":"2:40","description":"GOP hopeful takes a stumble and is now in a down to the wire race with Santorum.","url":"/GMA/video/mitt-romney-michigan-bust-15789468","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}