Romney, Gingrich in Dead Heat in Florida

The Republican frontrunners are tied just before a primetime debate.
3:20 | 01/26/12

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Transcript for Romney, Gingrich in Dead Heat in Florida
Out of politics your voice your vote and the high stakes dead -- duel between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich in Florida. It's winner take all there in Tuesday's Republican primary the -- are tied with -- one more primetime debate tonight they are unloading everything they've got. ABC's John Karl is covering it -- from -- good morning John. Good morning George Mitt Romney and hopes that Florida would be his firewall the place that he would stop Newt Gingrich. But right now there is no candidate in this state hotter than Gingrich. -- -- -- Massive crowds surging poll numbers Newt Gingrich looks like he could actually win in Florida. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- soup company he's even making bold promises for a second term by the end of my second terror. Okay. Game or have. The first permanent. Based on the moon down here on -- Gingrich mocked Mitt Romney's immigration policy is out of touch with the reality. I think you have to live in the world is of Swiss bank accounts and Cayman island accounts. An automatic you know twenty million dollars a year income -- no work. To have some fairness it is far from reality meanwhile Romney found himself again asked please direct question about his well. How much money you're -- I actually disclosed in a financial disclosure statement all of the assets which I don't. And and I think -- and there is is a pretty wide range has been widely reported. And by my network -- within that number and frankly stunned into one of the -- well it's it's -- 150 about 200 some odd million dollars or. Rove Gingrich group is hitting back launching a multimillion dollar ad campaign against Romney using his own words against him that I'm someone who. -- moderate and admired my views are progressive. My views -- -- I agree with. Mitt Romney -- Gingrich is predicting panic among the Republican leaders in Washington. Florida -- -- -- I mean if you win here in Florida. You guys we'll have some of the most -- coverage of your entire career. Watching distinguish people meltdown. At the thought that we would actually change Washington. And they would have to learn new games. And -- -- going after the media John another big debate coming out tonight we saw Romney aggressive. On Monday -- his team think that helped them. -- they sure do and Gingrich was less aggressive on Monday but I spoke to him yesterday and he's signaling that he's couldn't go back pretty hard at Romney tonight. OK and then retailers -- -- of that picture of President Obama and Jan Brewer again out of Arizona governor brewer. Of Arizona they had a fairly tense exchange over immigration and the president wasn't at all happy with how. She portrayed a meeting with him in her book. That's right the White House thinks that she simply was dishonest about it. Brewer described that meeting as the president essentially lecturing her as if she was a school child. That the White House has that is not how the meeting happened and as you can see from that exchange the president -- -- -- he didn't like that description she let him know right back who did Jon Karl thanks very big.

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{"id":15445989,"title":"Romney, Gingrich in Dead Heat in Florida","duration":"3:20","description":"The Republican frontrunners are tied just before a primetime debate.","url":"/GMA/video/mitt-romney-newt-gingrich-dead-heat-florida-primary-15445989","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}