Romney, Gingrich's Public Battle

Frontrunners for the Republican nomination fight it out after the Iowa debate.
2:38 | 12/13/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Romney, Gingrich's Public Battle
Politics your voice your vote and at exactly three weeks ago before the first votes the race for the Republican nomination has taken an explosive turn. Falling behind Mitt Romney unleashed his first personal attacks against front runner Newt Gingrich and Gingrich fired back with his most fierce attacks yet. James Carville and that data standing by to weigh in on where this goes next and ABC's John Berman through from the -- good morning -- you know this morning. Newt Gingrich is sending a letter telling supporters to quote -- boy initiating attacks on all of the Republican candidates. Good luck this comes after what he called a frank exchange -- Mitt Romney frank exchange another way to say bringing it. Overnight Newt Gingrich who cleaned to be calling a truce I'll release a letter indicating that our determination to run. -- positive campaign. We'll see. -- almost 44 hours of political Sheehan was in sharp elbows. It started when Mitt Romney suggested -- returns of one point six million dollars he earned from mortgage giant Freddie Mac. That make him the highest paid a straight and history yeah Gingrich responded yeah. Governor Romney would like to -- back all the money he's -- from bankrupted companies and laying off employees -- were here thing. That I would be let them isn't helping you ten dollars an attempt. He won't take the. The Romney camp responded with video of -- home works. Governor Romney and his business career created more jobs in the entire Obama cabinet. -- me. This is how campaign's war they all know that. There's no whining and politics -- Romney won't mind that other candidates were piling on his now infamous 101000 bucks 101000 dollar -- I was little taken aback by -- Rick Santorum was even trying to raise money off of it. The Democrats gleefully joined CNN printing and Mitt Romney 101000 dollar bill. Romney founded defender act in Herman -- I don't think that that was the gap of the century but Gingrich's taking hits to. From Ron Paul. -- was a career politicians selling access here in Washington DC. What they're all of those having a little fun with bill -- when asked to comment -- -- sorry that that. That's all I have my pocket the -- As for news call for a sort of truth -- on the insider said to me overnight Newt Gingrich could tell that. To Newt Gingrich and another Romney supporters said they hope drawing new into these confrontations. Will bait him into saying something. He'll regret the -- that is pretty risky that certainly is risky job thanks very much.

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{"id":15143382,"title":"Romney, Gingrich's Public Battle","duration":"2:38","description":"Frontrunners for the Republican nomination fight it out after the Iowa debate.","url":"/GMA/video/mitt-romney-newt-gingrichs-public-battle-republican-nomination-15143382","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}