Romney's Battleground State Dilemma

Nicolle Wallace discusses new polls showing the Republican is behind in battleground states.
3:00 | 09/26/12

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Transcript for Romney's Battleground State Dilemma
Let's get more from our newest political analyst, nicolle wallace, for the bush campaign in 2008. Let's start with the three states. So much comes down to ohio, florida, virginia. We have the map right there, right now. Mitt romney has to win two out of three of those states. Heeds behind right now. You're going to hear what was mathematically possible. What mathematically possible usually isn't politically realistic. They have to plant a flag in ohio and fight like crazy. They have to fight to bring that ohio number closer. I believe them when they say that they're probably not ten back or eight back. But they're behind. And they acknowledge that. And you they have to pin a flag in florida, too. A republican cannot do that. They're spending three days in ohio this week. Another new poll number out from our "washington post" poll this morning, showing views and perceptions of the romney campaign. 61% have an unfavorable view of the romney campaign. So much of governor romney's struggles in the last couple weeks. Has errors by his campaign. If he were a sitting governor, that wouldn't matter too much because voters would have another window into how he runs things. But his campaign is now in need of the same kind of turnaround that the salt lake city olympics were in need of when he landed this. And I think the same traits he was able to display, when he took the olympics, which were in disarray, it's part of his brand. Part of how he won this nomination on the republican side. He needs to apply those to his campaign. And a week from now, that debate. He's trying to manage expectations. That has to reset the entire campaign. I'm reminded of 2004, when i was on the bush campaign. And we had done a great job painting john kerry as a flip-flopper. John kerry took the stage with president bush, he stood shoulder-to-shoulder and kicked our rear-ends. And the polls tightened right up. Nicolle wallace, thanks very much. Now, to the latest on that hugely controversial call at the

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{"id":17327194,"title":"Romney's Battleground State Dilemma","duration":"3:00","description":"Nicolle Wallace discusses new polls showing the Republican is behind in battleground states.","url":"/GMA/video/mitt-romney-ohio-polls-candidate-turn-things-battleground-17327194","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}