Mitt Romney: New Poll Shows Major Surge

Jake Tapper discusses new polls showing Mitt Romney is the new front-runner.
2:10 | 12/29/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mitt Romney: New Poll Shows Major Surge
So what does it all mean for the race overall joining me now from Washington ABC's Jake Tapper and Jake again as we just heard in Jonathan's -- here comes Mitt Romney now certainly the White House has always thought that that Ronnie perhaps was going to be the candidate they'd faced Joseph Biden's op -- in last Friday's to Moines register suggesting that. And he looked good nationally but why is -- -- closing so strong in Iowa. What he's been as as John points out. While other candidates have been exploding. As Iowa voters go down this go down the road of the -- -- -- caucus process. Mitt Romney has been the one steady. At 25%. In the polls. And still ultimately with Romney's message that he is the most electable he is the one. Who can beat Barack Obama combined with all these other candidates just self stimulating and careening off the highway a lot of voters are finally saying okay fine Mitt Romney I believe -- you're the most electable. -- all those action -- certainly seem to describe Newt Gingrich if no one else and he he -- said we're not gonna run a negative campaign. And -- you look at that number twenty points in twenty days what's happened. To Newt Gingrich. Well I would say it's less result of self immolation as it is -- result. Having millions of dollars of negative ads dropped on him. Like a nuclear bomb you have both the Romney super pac which is not. Legally connected to the Romney campaign and you have Ron Paul -- Newt Gingrich with millions of dollars in -- In Iowa and basically he has not been able to withstand that kind of attack it certainly has been withering -- -- you mentioned. Ron Paul he is lost some ground but you don't think that necessarily gives the Paul organization -- Now because Romney is only three points ahead in this CNN poll and it's a poll just of Republican voters. Ron Paul is gonna draw independents and Democrats to the Iowa Caucuses that night so I do think his support is potentially. Higher and they do think Ron Paul still could. Win the Iowa caucus depending on turning. Five days out and surprises still about Jake Tapper thanks much.

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{"id":15251886,"title":"Mitt Romney: New Poll Shows Major Surge","duration":"2:10","description":"Jake Tapper discusses new polls showing Mitt Romney is the new front-runner.","url":"/GMA/video/mitt-romney-poll-shows-major-surge-15251886","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}