Mitt Romney, President Obama Reschedule Events Due to Hurricane Sandy

David Kerley, Nicolle Wallace discuss candidate's strategies for 2012 election.
3:00 | 10/27/12

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Transcript for Mitt Romney, President Obama Reschedule Events Due to Hurricane Sandy
This storm could hardly come at a more inconvenient time for the presidential campaign -- your voice your vote and we -- ten days ago. President Obama and Mitt Romney are having to cancel events. From there meticulously planned schedules with some key battleground states directly in the path of this storm. ABC's David -- is at the White House this morning David good morning to you. Good morning Dan -- Mitt Romney is already canceled event at Virginia Beach along the coast of Virginia and there's a chance that the president's schedule may be affected as well as this storm comes ashore. Despite that both campaigns are displaying confidence as we run down the days to election time and they are -- to specific groups of voters. Turn the channel. And you see the president on MTV some -- and inside edition this is big. The comedy shows Leno -- film breaks and the First Lady on Kimmel. And not just TV. A campaign event with Katy Perry just doesn't want to put up later and interview with Rolling Stone and us weekly. The president is going hip and young. He's ahead with a nearly two thirds of those voters. But he needs them to turn out. For Romney who was co -- the president's change slogan from four years ago what this requires -- change -- its. -- The governor leads among white men 66 that 32%. -- leads in most national polls. While the president has a slight lead in many the battleground state. Okay. That is left both campaigns feeling confident. That they have the voters the ground game to bring home a victory somebody is going to be -- on November 7 so very different assumptions that these campaigns have. About the kinds of people who -- gonna turn out about how close is this election the campaigns are searching for those undecided voters anyway they can. What Ohio voter wrote on FaceBook that on Friday and -- called in to wish him a happy birthday she seemed like a very nice lady he wrote. Michelle never took the time. Back to -- now there's a chance that this could take the president off the campaign trail that becomes a really devastating storm on the East Coast it just shows how important some of that early voting for both. Data Rihanna also -- FaceBook post really shows how important Ohio is seriously if you're slightly offended that only one of the potential first ladies I'll -- David -- thank you very much. As we said to United's ten days into the election for more now let's bring in our political contributor Nicole Wallace former advisor to president George W. Bush in the McCain. Palin campaign good morning to you get -- -- when you -- we're talking about this storm how big a very. I didn't really can't wait to get at a hearing to go back about seven -- -- that I've -- listen. There is always. The third rail when you're making these plans for the final ten days and that is. All of the national events that can change or reshape the election over the debates are over the conventions are over but there's always an outside event that can have the effective. Re ordering the entire race and that's what the storm could be if it's high stakes drama for both campaigns and you could be a -- There are meetings where they are going over those precision. Drops that he will -- the travel schedules for the candidates for the wives of the surrogate and making sure that none of that. Works against what they're trying to do. Could be a make or break moment for the president either way what do you make of the discrepancy in the polls in the national multiples in the swing states you I'm pulling disorienting at this point because we're looking at national polls but they're really rendered pretty irrelevant at this point this is has now come down to. Fifty statewide races and that's all that matters until and unless we ever change the way. We elect president so so at this point that there's not much to be cleaned anymore -- to understand in the national polls and really what matters most. By the numbers in those states like Ohio like Florida like. North Carolina and Virginia one has to wonder though what the jobs report coming just five days for Election Day what impact that could -- All right Nicole thank -- joining -- back. -- -- -- For the latest on the race -- I have don't miss This Week with George Stephanopoulos tomorrow morning right here. On ABC.

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{"id":17578403,"title":"Mitt Romney, President Obama Reschedule Events Due to Hurricane Sandy","duration":"3:00","description":"David Kerley, Nicolle Wallace discuss candidate's strategies for 2012 election.","url":"/GMA/video/mitt-romney-president-obama-reschedule-events-due-hurricane-17578403","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}