Can Mitt Romney Win Conservatives Back?

The Republican candidates will face a key conservative group at CPAC.
2:59 | 02/10/12

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Transcript for Can Mitt Romney Win Conservatives Back?
Major challenge facing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney this morning. Your voice your vote he is set the face a key conservative group today and ABC's John Karl reports he's got a tough -- to try to rally. Support there good morning John. He sure does Robin but later today the battle for the Republican nomination will come right here -- left thousands of conservative activists from all over the country. Listening to Gingrich Santorum and Mitt Romney. -- community it's been called Woodstock for conservatives. A three day gathering featuring just about every conservative group under the sun. Here's the biggest stars of the right taking aim at target number one Barack Obama. President of the United States looks like he's a really good father. Looks like he's a really good husband. But he is a terrible president these -- the foot soldiers of the right they are not ready to fall in line for Mitt Romney. -- -- Not a man -- works -- A die hard rock score and yet almost yet -- -- pilgrims come with a reasonable clue is the Republican nominee going to be. I think it's Kennedy Romney probably -- on the. Rick Santorum has supporters here and out and Oklahoma he accused Romney of doing nothing but tearing down his Republican rivals. -- -- -- Yeah. That's -- tearing down. -- -- experience together Rick -- may not be running anymore but he still looked like a candidate taking it thinly veiled swipe at Romney. We did the American people know great service. If we replace the current embodiment of big government. With a lukewarm version of the side. Here we are afterwards -- told us we may see him again in four years the good news is is -- the only chance you may get life for this. -- -- We -- run again absolutely. In the wake of Tuesday's victories for Rick Santorum there's a lot of talk here Robin that this nomination battle is a long long way from being over. Which many people I've talked to at -- packed. Predicting that could go right up to the Republican Convention in Tampa which is not of course -- -- -- -- August exactly we've given us an indication your report but the reception at the three candidates you feel we'll receive today there. Well I I think the big question here is Mitt Romney there's a lot of concern among conservatives that he frankly is not necessarily one of them but I've got to add though Robin it. When you talk to even the most Luke warm. People here regarding Romney they say that if he is the nominee there's no question for the most part they would support him over Barack Obama that's target number one. Anybody against Obama that -- support all right there John thank you have a good weekend.

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{"id":15554312,"title":"Can Mitt Romney Win Conservatives Back?","duration":"2:59","description":"The Republican candidates will face a key conservative group at CPAC.","url":"/GMA/video/mitt-romney-win-conservatives-back-cpac-15554312","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}