Romney Wins Florida: Is Race Over?

David Muir reports on Mitt Romney's decisive victory in the Sunshine State.
2:30 | 02/01/12

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Transcript for Romney Wins Florida: Is Race Over?
Or voice your vote but the race is not over yet -- -- to the other is vowing to campaign on. ABC's David Muir has the latest from Tampa where he's there on the campaign trail good morning David. Good morning Robin as you and George pointed out 46 states to build a Mitt Romney now takes with him Florida. And one senior strategist for the campaign telling me he also takes something else -- calendar. Very much on his side Nevada next where he did very well for years ago. And one more thing they'll have ABC news now reporting that Secret Service protection. Just what more indicator Mitt Romney is now the leader in this Republican field. This morning -- with his command -- Florida win more importantly Mitt Romney is formed with momentum. And another new indicator of us from Wonderwall ABC -- -- Robbie would now have that protection from the Secret Service in part because of the growing crowds of Monday's events. The -- -- -- is quickly moving beyond food now the Simpson's words after a punishing Florida battle against Newt Gingrich but hidden. -- now squarely aimed at the president again Mr. President you're elected Julie. You chose to follow an outside every get out of the way it. And from the. Exit polls here a new -- this morning for the first time a sharp gender gap Romney won women by a wide margin here he won men two. Newt Gingrich still won among voters who consider themselves very conservative. -- which -- heartfelt despite our total holding signs that read 46 states to go. It is now clear. That this will be a two person race between the conservative leader Newt Gingrich and the Massachusetts moderate. But in -- will be money to keep up the -- from the outspending him on television ads 521 here and now a new look at where that money's coming from. The super pac supporting Romney raised more than thirty million dollars through December at the end of the year the super -- still had more than 23 million on hand. The group's largest donors were some of Wall Street hedge fund -- But less is known about the Gingrich -- -- what is known is that it's raised far less coffers -- at the end of December -- replenished like casino magnate. To help Gingrich -- floor. -- the big question now where -- Gingrich go from here financially and there was one more telling number to take with them out of Florida. Voters here saying by a number more than six in ten that the economy is issue number one very important in this crucial general election state. George met him. Thanks David.

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{"id":15486883,"title":"Romney Wins Florida: Is Race Over?","duration":"2:30","description":"David Muir reports on Mitt Romney's decisive victory in the Sunshine State.","url":"/GMA/video/mitt-romney-wins-florida-primary-election-15486883","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}