Mitt Romney's Charm Offensive

GOP candidate is locked in a likability war with President Obama.
3:00 | 09/16/12

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Transcript for Mitt Romney's Charm Offensive
What would drive mitt romney to praise snooki. Romney's locked in a likability war with president obama. This is perhaps romney's biggest weakness. David kerley has more from the white house. Good morning. By all measures this is still a close race. Couple of weeks to the debates. One question that mitt romney is having a big hard time winning. Who do you like? So, get ready for another charm offensive. Yesterday, romney went to his grandson's soccer game. This week, he and wife ann appeared on live with kelly and michael. Honey boo boo or snooki? I'm kind of a snooki fan. By the way, ann squeezes the tooth paste from the top. Mitt from the bottom. Why the warm and fuzzy? While the president has a slight lead among expected lead he's running away in the likability figures? The president will laugh it up on the letterman show. Which candidate is more persona personable? More likable? It's obama 61%. Who would you want to have dinner with, 52%. But the real worry for romney is the question about the economy. Which the obama campaign set up in a new ad. He keeps saying it. This president can't tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. Here we are today, 30 months of private sector job growths. Call it the clinton bounce. The argument seems to be wo working. Since may when we asked who do you trust to handle the economy, romney was ahead until after the democratic convention, now it's the president up by two points. Both candidates are taking the day off from the campaign trail, today, they are back on the trail tomorrow. Romney makes one appearance tonight that will be on television. That live with kelly and michael is set for tuesday. We'll be watching, david, thank you. Let's bring in senior white house correspondent jake tapper who's filling in for george stephanopoulos on "this week." Good morning. Aside from the likability issue for mitt romney the economy is still in the doldrums. Romney isn't capitalizing, how big of a problem is this? It's the ball game, bianna, if mitt romney can't convince voters that he would be better for the economy than president obama, than mitt romney will be able to win. He needs to get that number up significantly. It is his reason for being, if he can't change that number. He might as well go back home. Lot of focus on what have called on ill-timed response to the antiamerican protests, hasn't that obscured one important detail and that president obama has a problem on his hand. This is a vefr serious issue and a very big problem for president obama. Most americans prefer his handling of foreign policies to mitt romney. This crisis throughout the muslim world calls into question his philosophy and his approach to the muslim world and it does project the kind of strength until now he's been able to convince the american people of, this is a much bigger problem for president obama long term than the initial response from mitt romney. Jake, thanks so much for joining us this morning. Be sure to join jake tapper on later on "this week." The powerhouseroundtable deba debates.

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{"id":17247579,"title":"Mitt Romney's Charm Offensive","duration":"3:00","description":"GOP candidate is locked in a likability war with President Obama.","url":"/GMA/video/mitt-romneys-charm-offensive-17247579","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}