Romney Rivals Attempt South Carolina Takedown

GOP candidates try to hit Mitt Romney in attempt to prevent 3-state sweep.
3:19 | 01/12/12

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Transcript for Romney Rivals Attempt South Carolina Takedown
Your voice your vote and the battle for South Carolina primaries -- usually get pretty nasty. And with front runner Mitt Romney hoping -- this fight early all of his rivals. Are trying to figure out how to launch their last -- And she's John Berman covering only guys Romney's early strategy sore about it yet soaring above Armageddon because George. That's what Newt Gingrich is called the South Carolina campaign. Armageddon do or die for Newt Gingrich menacing but. For Mitt Romney it's not quite that dire in this morning it's filled with some big smiles and some small France. Romney hit the ground in South Carolina overnight with wind. Wide smiles. It's -- warm outside this is different than -- after I got -- It's not kills the warm weather. With the warm welcome to with ever more -- -- the Obama message I think you have to say this has been a failed presidency I don't think he. He's tried to make it bad he just didn't know what to do he's over his head. Another reason to smile. He's that bulging war chest he raced 44 million dollars last quarter it still has nineteen million in the bank to unleash on his folks. Quality was all smiles recently -- repair the arson attacks on his work running the investment company that created. But also slashed jobs I understand the difference between venture capital and vulture capitalism. More frowns and this video out today from supporters of Newt Gingrich that -- big east Romney's big houses big money in the big Constance and company house. I feel that is the man. That's destroyed us. Another video from -- Gingrich that. Goes there its mocking the infamous episode where Romney strapped to the family dog in a key aides to the roof of a car we love talking it was where he was comfortable we have five kids inside the -- my -- -- Electable with an artist can only would've liked it and side but not only -- should make Mitt -- frowned not with you answer to the question. What's his favorite animal. Tribunal from. And and it gets quiet the -- and 5000 muscles. Photo -- make anyone smile all right. Just a few minutes ago the president's campaign released its fund raising totals for the last quarter 68 million dollars between the campaign in the DNC it's a lot. But it's not epic in in the whole picture -- -- think is the president's campaign manager is trying to light a fire under supporters saying they need more money. In not to believe the Republican claim -- -- raise one billion dollars because George he says. They want not a -- -- -- -- an awful lot of money on both sides of this campaign you see the candidates trying to calibrate their attacks meanwhile Sarah Palin. -- -- last -- as saying she really doesn't wanna see this fight and yet she was on Sean Hannity. -- of giving Mitt Romney's rivals -- little bit of encouragement you know we talk about reasons for Mitt Romney is smiling -- this might be cause for at least the small -- because Sarah Palin says conservatives had yet to coalesce around one candidate. She also says she wants to see proof. For Mitt Romney -- claim that being capital created a 100000 jobs she wants a -- proof of that. In what's more he says she wants is he Mitt Romney release his full tax return to George. You sound like democratic arguments -- -- exactly are those Democrats and they can think John Berman thanks very much.

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{"id":15344405,"title":"Romney Rivals Attempt South Carolina Takedown","duration":"3:19","description":"GOP candidates try to hit Mitt Romney in attempt to prevent 3-state sweep.","url":"/GMA/video/mitt-romneys-rivals-attempt-south-carolina-takedown-losses-15344405","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}