Kick Off Opening Day With Delicious Tailgating Recipes

Catherine Cassidy helps you start the baseball season with delicious recipes form
3:00 | 03/31/14

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Transcript for Kick Off Opening Day With Delicious Tailgating Recipes
-- Mark Miller baseball yeah. Yes I can't account sell whatever name without him some baseball for the right exactly well here we are luckily we had the editor in chief of taste of home magazine Catherine Cassidy here with us to show us and great talent -- recipes dad can spin this season. Does and taste of mom is your headquarters -- very great tailgate recipes you can make yourself. You know really anyway act out of number of really wonderful recipes. -- -- make one of these are you know taste of -- was all about. Real food -- real home -- so this is all stuff that you can find the right. In your supermarket you have to go far these -- called -- packets. We have yet we're -- done. A quick yeah. It's the jacket and a bigger yeah -- a little -- we've got some chicken. And we've got some -- -- This is really it is a little help a little -- it looks like it you can -- Based on the content of foods that you like and then it's a little bit of Italian dressing up and and then we mix of -- that would -- that is what that is and -- those are -- by the way. I heard this unit Dansby claims that so you know Clinton tomatoes and -- think gift -- and it's not meant to be -- you know what this. -- -- -- -- Yeah could get that but here's the amount you can really -- this it could be Hayley you know if he wanted to. So that WW is well -- -- and you know -- a person's opinion. I mean you. -- -- -- -- -- -- and yeah. We are. Again just to make -- -- -- yet we're gonna take of youth. -- student than Arizona and a little pat of butter because butter makes everything better -- And then we make our mobile packet now house. Just like that -- delicious teams are on the -- for 20/20 five minutes and me this is what you got just -- fund variation on the regular burger. God I also -- you can't have been -- have a baseball tailgate without dogs let you know these are just a variation -- -- -- that hasn't sloppy. London. Yeah. Happy moment. -- the credible. Confidently yeah. Regis intimately and you get your newborn twins and mrs. Eleanor abilities to sloppy -- yeah dad it's just wonderful Americans treats. Put together I'm not down at the end and -- -- sausage and peppers -- yeah. He said he tried everything nonexistent yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Realizes we're going to be yeah. -- siding with Israel McDonald. And we're very quickly yeah -- at the same time you -- But a little pennies -- -- came from real people they send us their recipes and republic and test -- -- make sure that they taste delightful. Man so there you -- The best of all -- And it's the holiday opening day exactly they're celebrating thinking -- yeah. Yeah. -- -- direct hit -- this is about not content and we didn't have a tailgating -- so just -- on. The search for tailgate and all this wonderful stuff. Men often --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Catherine Cassidy helps you start the baseball season with delicious recipes form","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23126809","title":"Kick Off Opening Day With Delicious Tailgating Recipes","url":"/GMA/video/mlb-opening-day-2014-tailgate-recipes-kick-off-23126809"}