Moammar Gadhafi Dead: His Final Moments

Jeffery Koffman discusses what lead to the death of the ousted Libyan leader.
1:18 | 10/20/11

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Transcript for Moammar Gadhafi Dead: His Final Moments
Good ABC's Jeffrey -- in London is taking them all. And we have heard from the military commander of Libya's government that Qaddafi is indeed dead He came -- a -- short while ago. That's right George it now appears that that that all the rumors and hearsay artifacts instead of -- that. He is dead officials -- the rebel government saying the deposed dictator. Moammar Gadhafi killed this morning when rebel forces overwhelmed his hometown -- -- Certain with the last bastion of resistance against the rebels who toppled -- two months ago. Now Gadhafi was allegedly fleeing. Assert when He was hit by NATO and NATO airstrike He was either in a convoy or we have this image of what about that just come in the whole. -- are really a Colbert a drainage culvert where He appears to have been an in his last moments -- before those grisly photos were taken. -- -- -- interim Information Minister is quoting a soldier who started out these body and the people of Libya are not waiting they didn't wait for confirmation celebrations breaking out across the country ecstatic rebels firing guns in the air people praying in the street. This represents a huge symbolic moment for Libya. And welcome -- Gadhafi had no power while He was on the run the mere fact that He remained at large terrorized. The people of the country. Jordan it was fierce fighting insert this morning okay Jeffrey Kaufman thanks very much.

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{"duration":"1:18","description":"Jeffery Koffman discusses what lead to the death of the ousted Libyan leader.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"14777875","title":"Moammar Gadhafi Dead: His Final Moments","url":"/GMA/video/moammar-gadhafi-dead-final-moments-14777875"}