Moammar Gadhafi Dead: Found in Home Town, Sirte

Christiane Amanpour reports on the death of the former Libyan leader.
2:48 | 10/20/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Moammar Gadhafi Dead: Found in Home Town, Sirte
Moammar Qaddafi the dictator who -- Libya for more than four decades an eccentric antagonist the United States for so many of them is dead and we do have some gruesome. Very graphic photos already circulating of Qaddafi and his videos being aired on Al-Jazeera right now. It shows -- after He was. Taken by rebel forces and and as you see -- very bloody conducting right there where -- also some still photos from Getty images that were. Circulating just a while ago you see it right there that's certainly does look like and -- if you look at the upper right hand corner of that photo right -- it does have a different date. And thousands of people in Libya are seeing these photographs as well to confirm perhaps that He is indeed -- -- -- -- had a complicated relationship with us here in the last. And America watching his every move for so long because of his involvement with some of the deadliest terror attacks especially of eighties and -- in 1988 bombing. For the pan am flight 103. -- Internet ABC's Christiane on important. Continue to -- of the last western journalist to speak to him He sat -- with him in February of this past year. Before hearing what you have to send wanna play bit of that interview because that was during the uprising and He what you US about its future and you didn't wanna surrender net. -- -- -- -- May -- might be literally means love me all -- but if they do nothing and Edmonds died due to bother -- in -- might be good. Well that's what He thought that you need this is not what happened and if all these reported to be believed He may even have been found hiding in perhaps -- -- it's very Saddam Hussein who was found. Months off to the full of of Baghdad in the spider hole now He in his hometown of senate. Continued this is a major deal because as you said He -- being the villain of the United States for decades pan am 103 before that being accused of terrorism against Americans in Europe. Reagan bombing pots of of Libya. And now with the -- -- the real lost sort of -- -- the US. Bush in no fly zone again and talk a bit more about that because it -- you you look at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right now it really is and these people in median rose up Gadhafi -- Mubarak who stepped down -- to eighteen days was not going to step down. And -- fact his language which was so appalling according to people against him -- -- -- saying that He was going to go closet to closet. And pulled out of the hiding places in -- Ghazi. That language is what got the French and the British -- to say no we cannot allow must -- the United States came onboard and seven months -- He is not get -- -- And 1969 He came to power the military -- -- A different world 42 years later there -- -- -- challenge of course is to have a democratic and and three future and we'll see what happens there and I have been reporting all throughout the day for us thank you.

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{"id":14777840,"title":"Moammar Gadhafi Dead: Found in Home Town, Sirte","duration":"2:48","description":"Christiane Amanpour reports on the death of the former Libyan leader.","url":"/GMA/video/moammar-gadhafi-dead-found-home-town-sirte-14777840","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}