Life Of The Former Leader

George Stephanopoulos reports on the rise and fall of the Libyan leader.
2:01 | 10/20/11

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Transcript for Life Of The Former Leader
As you know and as you said the dictator was a singular and flamboyant figure -- in Libya for more than four decades He called himself the king of kings of Africa. But He made his mark on America. Moammar Qaddafi was ruthless outrageous and unpredictable. Rarely has the leader such a small country played so large a role on the world stage where we knew that. This man -- -- the Middle East is. Goal. Of the wounded. Revolution. Gadhafi seized power in 1969 coup He -- a junior army officer just 27 years old He expelled foreigners and executed opponents even sending hit squads to assassinate dozens and Libyan dissidents abroad and He used Libya's oil wealth to sponsor terrorism. Most notoriously the bombing of pan am flight one -- three over Lockerbie Scotland 270. People died. Most of them Americans the international sanctions and isolation that followed took a tall and so -- attempted a make over that He denounced the 9/11 attacks apologize for Lockerbie and paid two point seven billion dollars to the family of victims. In return the US resumed diplomatic relations -- cast himself as a changed man. Even if -- eccentricities remain the sunglasses the robes the female bodyguards. -- bedouin -- He took with him overseas. And so when the air spring brought revolution to Lydia. -- put on a brave face to ABC's Christiane Amanpour. -- love me or might be but we need -- love -- -- But if they do they couldn't dive into dude -- like me and my my -- -- What happened was just the opposite effect by US and NATO warplanes rebel forces toppled to -- -- regime. At the time of his death Qaddafi was wanted by the international criminal court for crimes against humanity the massacres of unarmed protesters Moammar Qaddafi was 69 years old. And we'll have much more on this as it develops and

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{"id":14777992,"title":"Life Of The Former Leader","duration":"2:01","description":"George Stephanopoulos reports on the rise and fall of the Libyan leader.","url":"/GMA/video/moammar-gadhafi-dead-life-leader-14777992","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}