How Model Hunters Search for the Next Gisele

Scouts scour fresh faces in rural Brazil towns looking for the next Scouts scour fresh faces in rural Brazil towns looking for the next Gisele Bundchen or Alessandra Ambrosio.
3:00 | 04/01/14

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Transcript for How Model Hunters Search for the Next Gisele
So many plans to find the most beautiful women -- know. Famous work -- Scott -- but even here. This weekend. Any bombshells can snap it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Those standards and the world's top and earnings of Vermont. And then again. But parents out. Mean she's not the girl from even in. Gisele has -- -- thousand miles away from me young men from new -- -- -- on -- Louisiana Kansas and. -- -- -- Who leads in last with a -- genetic often European and south American Beauty. -- reduced wildly successful model. Including Victoria's Secret superstar Alexander -- option. And in 2000 they were like just crazy about the prisons it's. Tanned skin the curves the hair. Cents to -- scene they needed a change in the fashion industry so. Brazilians that can -- for popular. He's got his latest outbreak model hundreds flocked to the landed his -- and -- -- Sunday. Consider each of the next top model. They're out here in -- at this -- waiting for the kids to come out this is that you don't come here a lot to look where possible potential model. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just -- it's all about getting out he says she's. -- -- We'll. Point but the thing about talking with it. -- -- -- -- -- -- is recruiting girls to build an annual casting call with Brazil's most influential agent. -- you play Palin but -- without paying for things. There as well clearly have no doubt that neither -- -- have been. First thing good to be -- -- really find another supermodel just roaming the streets -- or is every plant including discounts under the spell of television film fuels and got a don't get you can -- -- -- -- -- before you -- casting isn't. Content and his most promising recruits. He may just look like -- -- nine year. But in a few years Hugo thinks she'll be -- not counts and one -- and you like symmetry of -- -- her skin tone and hair. And he predicts she'll be a big hits with the agents this weekend. -- Ali's son Ambrose is also discovered in new rules southern town. She was -- -- years. That was way too young -- had to grow up like all the way but I mean that's what I want it -- -- -- now. -- -- Badly battered her girls who play some bit of big. You know madam name more mind talent and about life. So what they get into his public career you know dad needs more hands and minds. -- -- I look at my -- Absolutely not -- can help. -- access if you need to know. -- an audience again saying that you guys minds. Building -- -- mean commencement is at -- is seen that seen. In these. And say. That I didn't know what David hit book. -- ain't. It's a bit inning with -- and -- for -- cut out for a lot of girls in this -- region modeling is one of the few ways out. And that's why I -- -- single income family man has invested so much. To make their dream a reality. This is the hotel where everything's gonna happen this weekend's. And it's an interesting dynamic because everything instead -- looking -- each other sizing each other up. Ever the operating -- year who -- over a hundred candidates that 8000 dollars each for the event this. Both boys and girls from -- Many candidates -- yeah. It's not even younger. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who are preparing for tomorrow's make or -- -- or Borough. Even the youngest kids original. Walk again some months past -- now. -- -- -- Now I'm -- But as I watch every one train them I noticed that most of these girls don't look like top models in the -- so why can't even hear them. But I must say and my -- -- -- -- -- Not the government he tells me -- not his best he says he won't sell the illusion of -- dream. Because he can't guarantee. -- -- -- -- -- -- Leading that critical moment in front of Brazil's most influential -- There -- present for his support -- this was an army chief -- -- -- -- -- tell me only has seven years in the business so he still trying to make a name for himself. But the big discovery. This is the first phase of casting and the candidates have a lot on the line but the stakes are also high for these eighteenth. Their credibility and depend on being able to predict which he's young girls are worthy of a long term investments. -- more than you have to start young. Meaning girls like 1617. Years old they are already like spoiled. And that's a little -- of the reason that now we are choosing kids because we can maybe have time to shape then do we want. So do they see potential in younger we -- Now in -- backroom. The final evaluation. Called big expensive dreams come down to this moment. Along the wealth the flat out rejection from the first agents. The whole thing that she still puts on -- bracing. We'll tell what we're looking. For the nation's very cute girls. Elect a lot of -- has potential good news for a -- Sony selector as a follow up there. Even though she's too young to -- he hopes to groom her for a future Korean. Meanwhile this fourteen year olds is hoping to land a lucrative modeling. -- -- But she's starting to realize that kind of sacrifices you have to make to get -- -- He didn't tell us she have to take care of her body now. Or she'll keep gaining weight and turn into -- whale global we'll. In all sports agency selectively need for follow up. But none offer her an actual models -- Her chances for stardom may be fading. Lately it's fresh faces from new -- like Eastern Europe and Asia that are dominated the runway. That means model hunters might soon lose interest in Brazil. Now here in the south business was still driving the dream so everybody's looking -- -- -- as -- yeah. What's taking so long like fifty years. They're still looking -- silicon. We're -- -- and I marianas and seller in southern Brazil.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Scouts scour fresh faces in rural Brazil towns looking for the next Scouts scour fresh faces in rural Brazil towns looking for the next Gisele Bundchen or Alessandra Ambrosio. ","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23140278","title":"How Model Hunters Search for the Next Gisele ","url":"/GMA/video/model-hunters-search-gisele-23140278"}