Model Turned Drug Smuggler Pleads Her Case

Former penthouse pet is accused of drug smuggling and jumping bail.
2:30 | 03/25/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Model Turned Drug Smuggler Pleads Her Case
At internationally known swimsuit star who cops say led a double life running a huge worldwide narcotics ring. Breaking down before a judge she had been on the -- for a month. And says she now fears for her life. ABC's John Mueller is here with the story -- -- Actions so many and she is not camera shot of the cameras were not allowed in the courtroom the former penthouse pet accused of drug smuggling and bail jumping remains an Australian jail this morning. Unable to post bail without a lawyer. Her glamorous Hollywood lifestyle just a memory. Former penthouse pet Simone -- begged the court for time to find a lawyer in bail money. She cried during your first time in court since a rearrested a CD Queensland motel a week and a half ago. The -- up now faces bail jumping charges to go along with the charges of drug trafficking. A wealthy doctor and lawyer bail throughout the first time withdrew their 160000. Dollars reporter Carolina Marcus watched it all inside the camera -- courtroom. My enunciated very distracting -- This week she was crying politically. She sighed loudly -- and she was obviously very upset. Eluding a nationwide dragnet for more than a month Simone -- traded -- Hollywood highrise for -- jail cell. Police accuser of running an international methamphetamine smuggling ring. Using FedEx in the Postal Service to ship -- hidden in bath salts all allegedly while living the highlight for her Alter -- Simone star. -- -- -- singer was also an aspiring reality show star. I'm I didn't really -- I think -- understandings and tanks. Farrow has maintained she skipped bail because her life was in danger actually -- Yeah before her recapture she posted on her FaceBook page. I sit here being maliciously treated and wrongfully defamed I'm tired of being fearful and people threatening my life for reasons unknown to me. DEA agents don't know anything about death threats but they did allegedly buying 89 grams of -- in -- Hollywood apartment three years ago. Hard living in court problems taking their toll on the international swimsuit model. She doesn't that he -- -- because -- phones don't lurched off she actually looks very tied it. It looks very high old obviously. McClatchy have been getting much sleep without half. Simone -- have another bail hearing at the end of the week no doubt -- scrambling to find a lawyer and money her trial is set for June.

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{"id":15997218,"title":"Model Turned Drug Smuggler Pleads Her Case","duration":"2:30","description":"Former penthouse pet is accused of drug smuggling and jumping bail. ","url":"/GMA/video/model-turned-drug-smuggler-pleads-case-former-penthouse-pet-simone-farrow-international-15997218","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}