Models Sue Agency Head for Sexual Harassment

Models' former agent claimed he'd protect their Christian values.
0:25 | 03/26/12

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Transcript for Models Sue Agency Head for Sexual Harassment
York fashion models are assuming the -- of their modeling ABC news told you about it for sexual harassment. After he promised protect their Christian values -- -- Lindsey Davis is here with more on their claims -- betrayal good morning good morning. They moved from small towns and rural America into the bright lights of the Big Apple by a mentor they say promised they'd be big stars as models. They are now suing that man calling him a Bible thumping -- So -- -- by the glamour and glitz of stopping the cat walks of New York City. -- am hoping to growing their Christian faith. These aspiring teen models say they packed their bags and over four months last fall moved into a Manhattan boarding house run by this man. A -- steel -- co owner of the Emanuel New York modeling agency IMAX yeah. And he immediately taught me that left me and my reasoning and -- Their -- it's my parents sat in now allows them to become the next you know world's next super -- -- cottages and to me had to -- to -- near model's apartment and it all seems so picture her facts. Instead of these three young women now say -- forced them to live under quote relentless and severe and pervasive sex based hostility and. Fear and first it was just you know -- you know touched my leg -- -- tired be touching my arm he can. His hand. On my style and that he started talking my god. Seventeen year old Kayla hill and Jessica -- are now joining a lawsuit filed by nineteen year old paid in -- earlier this month in this suit the women -- -- seduced them and their parents sweet talking them with his strong Christian values. On his company's web -- tangle promises to help young women who want to pursue professional careers as fashion models. By introducing them to his personal acquaintances in the industry. -- met plenty of design and I met great photographers I made a lot of contacts. All that was grade now is living my Geary. Police even got to walk the runway at the -- to show for New York Fashion Week in February. But instead of just sharing his faith -- contacts the women take tank -- began withholding their earnings and repeatedly groping them during prayer sessions. We would have meetings about. This self journey I'm going through with Jesus. And -- be at -- 9 or 10 o'clock at name. And then yes there'd be touching involved in stuff and there's just creepy. It was very inappropriate and afterwards -- I would usually get -- area and cry. Tinto declined to comment but his lawyer says this is just an extortion plot calling the lawsuit frivolous. And he says he has email messages from one of the models which ABC news has not seen. Allegedly saying quote I'm doing this to get my money back and get my contract canceled. At a moving out of my apartment to move in with my boyfriend all three young women deny writing the emails. The young women admit that he did manage to land on several paying model jumps but they say they never saw a -- -- those attorneys as models have been living with tango for nine years and has never been a complaint until now have over these young women say this is not about the money. They want to protect other young girls. True there and do that thank you --

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{"id":16001426,"title":"Models Sue Agency Head for Sexual Harassment","duration":"0:25","description":"Models' former agent claimed he'd protect their Christian values.","url":"/GMA/video/models-sue-agency-head-sexual-harassment-16001426","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}