Sneak Peek at the 'Modern Family' Wedding

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet share a look at Mitchell and Cam's wedding.
4:21 | 05/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Sneak Peek at the 'Modern Family' Wedding
And now very excited about this. This is the wedding event of the season. The TV season, that is. Mitch and cam finally getting married on ABC's megahit series "Modern family." Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet are with us in case you haven't noticed and brought us a sneak peek at the wedding day video. Take a look. Mitchell, this is not my tuxedo. Fuchsia gown didn't tip you off. I have nine shirts this color. Deep breaths. We have plenty of time to go to the dry cleaner. We knew there would be a bump. Here it is. We're getting it down early. This is our bump. Something tells me there will be a few more if that episode but we're so excited to have jest a and Eric with us this morning. Hi, gentlemen. Hi from before. Yeah. We haven't seen you in so long. I know. Hey, want to ask you, Jesse, was this extra special for you, given that you just had your real-life nuptials. I got married in July and got engaged in September and married again a few months ago so I'm basically Elizabeth Taylor. It was real surreal and having a lot of the same people at both weddings was fun, yeah. Like me. Like this guy. Very central to this one, Eric, first and foremost, hysterical. You guys are so -- the whole cast so funny but you have a way of also -- we talked about this -- through that comedy opening people's hearts and minds. Yeah. It's -- it's a rare opportunity we get as arcs. You never think of that when you're out there auditioning for different parts and TV shows and not getting them and to finally get a gig like in that is really truly not to put too much importance on it but owning it a little bit and having social impact. Cultural impact. We hear that from kids and parents so we know it's real. It's an honor. Because it's real it means there's real moments of tension and drama with the laughs. You have a seen where Mitchell has to tell, jay, hey, I don't want you to there. Yeah, I actually really applaud the writers for sort of going there with that relationship which is very real and a lot of parents have their own evolution accepting a gay kid and he's going through that with Mitchell and I was pleased they gave us that. I didn't know you -- Oh, yes, the pressure of having that sort of material. You know, really wanting to -- Couldn't memorize his lines. Okay. Okay. So I can see the competition already starting to bubble up and in honor of your TV nuptials, we have a competition for you called may the best man win. Let's walk over. Are you ready? Let's go. Where our good friend, cake boss buddy vealastro is with us. Hello, buddy. I'll start the competition with the foghorn. That's how we roll on "Gma." Right here. Ready, set, ice. 45 seconds. I see you're taking this serious. You brought a cake you decorated. Color on one cake. "Modern family." So, of course, we're dealing with lilies and we wanted each tier a little different size because "Modern family" is about all different family -- you know what I'm trying to say. It's about we wanted to keep it mod de modern and contemporary. Come on. Who is going to win? Buddy is going to -- Oh, oh. Hey. Hey. Four, three, two -- Oh, that's a lovely touch. One. I don't know. Okay, stop decorating. Oh, man. You got to judge on these two masterpieces. Come on. I mean -- Wow. I like the green on the head too. I don't know. Those are their -- those are their Kentucky derby hats. It is. It is. You can't take this -- no, you don't have to choose between this but I would honestly choose mine. Be sure to watch the wedding part one. Are you going to name it? No. Live from wcvb-tv, channel 5,

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{"id":23678983,"title":"Sneak Peek at the 'Modern Family' Wedding","duration":"4:21","description":"Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet share a look at Mitchell and Cam's wedding.","url":"/GMA/video/modern-family-wedding-episode-sneak-peek-23678983","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}