New Mom Bodies at Center of Debate

Steve Ward and Rain Pryor discuss the latest in new mom makeovers.
3:00 | 08/20/12

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Transcript for New Mom Bodies at Center of Debate
So, we're -- are people too critical of new moms' bodies? I'm going to say yes, they are. That's today's "toe to toe." There's a new article in the new york time, the writer, janis min saying women are expected to be bombshells, after they give birth. Doesn't give moms a break at all. No, hilary duff and others have been getting head lines tore not getting in shape after birth and beyonce went right back to her pre-baby body and heidi klum hit the victoria's secret runway five weeks after having her child. That's just not normal. I can tell you, I have two kids that's not the norm. Is it important to get back in shape as quick as possible? We have two gives today. And apparently there's going to be some serious debate. Looking forward to it. He, of course, professional matchmaker, star of vh-1's tough love. Announcer: Today on "the chew" -- the salad days of summer are here! 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Well, that's the thing -- you want a salad that is light but you also want to feel full for the next two hours -- right. So you're not starving later. I guess the big question is -- I know the question on all of She, comedian's daughter of the late, great richard pryor, let's welcome steve warren and rain pryor. how are you? Hi, steve. I want to just get -- can we get right to rain. First of all, welcome to the show. Huge fan of yours and your brilliant work. As a mom I want to ask you, do you feel there's outrageous expectations on women after giving birth? Yes, there are. When I was pregnant, I was 290 pounds. I was afraid to go even to an audition or anything. Because I was so humongous. Everyone did look at you. I remember doing something with steve harvey, and he said, oh, yeah, you are a little big. And you a black man, because we supposed to be big. I had an experience at the insider. I had kate, I was back on the air within five weeks. I felt outside pressure, a lot of internal pressure. Because I thought, if I don't look perfect, or like I was, aren't I something of a failure. Also, you are at "the insider" you're doing stories about celebs all of the time. Let's face it, if nothing else, they have the time to spend to get a body back into shape. It's sort of their business. Their bodies tend to be their business. But there's only so much you can do. True, true. I want to bring you in, steven. There's a lot of people that struggle with their figure and weight as is. When you throw pregnancy into the mix, it only gets that much harder. To each their own. Rain and I were talking and he said her husband enjoyed the weight she put on. If it works for you it works. The first question I ask at match makers, why did your last relationship not work out? Most of the times it's because one person completely let themselves go. I'm not saying you need to get the at the exact same weight you were before your baby, but you need to make an effort to stay healthy, be conscious of your partner and their feelings. Nobody says anything when the man gains weight. Wait -- at least -- at least gain the weight. At least gain the weight in the right place. That's all I'm saying. I knew this was a slippery slope, trust me. At the end of the day, I think women have a lot more challenges in their life to deal with than men. We've got it easy compared to women. T get it twisted. That being said, however, a woman will lose respect for a man when he gives up on h hisselfened ahe faces challenges. Like losing a job, losing a loved one, something like that. It's resilience that you show and determination to get back to where you were which is most attractive to your other partner. That's all it boils down to. I think that's realistic and reasonable. Make sure you're giving your wife or partner a reasonable amount of time to do that. I think there's unrealistic expectations on women today to snap right to. It took nine months to get that big, at least give plea that to get back down. I want to make sure it's perfectly clear. There are two types of women out there. There are ones vigilant about getting back to who they were. They face it as a challenge and they are determined and there are others ones as just -- they look as an excuse to put their feet up, I'm pregnant, you can't be hard on me. That's true. I'm not kidding. I don't know. I don't know -- when air not sleeping -- you're trying to -- this audience, just went and grabbed an extra pint of ice cream, I'm pregnant fact -- that can be exhausting. I'm not contempting it. I'm saying it, there are women out there that look f at it as an excuse. Not every woman but some women. I think you get a lot of pressure from yourartner this that terms when you're that way. I still have my little baby sack right here. It's not seeming to go anywhere. I can't do situp, I need someone to come along and cut it off and tuck it in. This "new york times" article set fire to all of the mommy blogs that janis min wrote. The question that should celebrities be revealing they have tons of people working to help them. You say it's an excuse. No woman needs an excuse. If you have a personal trainer and someone that comes and styles you, it's easier. Listen. It's like we're up at the crack of dawn. If I didn't have somebody slapping pancake makeup on me, you wouldn't want to see what i look like. And I didn't just carry a baby. Forget that. So, listen. I want -- pregnant women are the most beautiful creatures on earth, and you keep your baby sack, because it will remind you of what you did there. That's a red badge of courage. And remind you not to do it

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{"id":17043827,"title":"New Mom Bodies at Center of Debate","duration":"3:00","description":"Steve Ward and Rain Pryor discuss the latest in new mom makeovers.","url":"/GMA/video/mom-bodies-center-debate-toe-toe-17043827","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}