Mom Confronts Daughter's Teacher-Beau on 'Dr. Phil'

Teacher who left family for former student was confronted by the teen's mother.
3:12 | 03/14/12

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Transcript for Mom Confronts Daughter's Teacher-Beau on 'Dr. Phil'
We're back at 743 and now to the dramatic confrontation for the couple whose relationship made headlines. We first told you about the California teacher who left -- -- left his job to live with his eighteen year old -- -- student. They appeared on Dr. Phil show on Tuesday coming face to face with the teen's mother. For the first time. ABC Cecilia -- has the story. There's -- love story that has been making headlines ever -- Jordan powers in James -- went public with their romance on Good Morning America. He is the now famous 41 year old high school teacher who left his wife and kids to move in with his eighteen year old student. You've lost your career and profess to have you boss -- -- wife and children. Right now yes. What makes this worth. I think. At some point -- you you take a leap of faith when love is involved. And this ongoing scandal just gotten more scandal -- on the Dr. Phil show. Jordan's mom met face to face for the first time man who she sense brain washed her daughter. Would you want to say. To judge. And they give no moral compass I think your arrogant and your self serving I think -- selfish. And you're ruining my child. Last month hooker quit his job and left his family power stopped attending classes and they both moved into an apartment together. The couple has always maintained their relationship became sexual only after powers legally became an -- but Tammy powers never bought it. I'd like to ultimately see him arrested I'd like to get information. From when she was a minor -- -- arrested. Poker has not been arrested police are investigating though no charges have been filed. Dr. Phil confronted the couple with records of 22 text messages and phone calls between them. -- took place before powers is eighteenth birthday. In her office did it teacher. Text messages there was nothing inappropriate -- -- -- your kids your wife your marriage your kids she hasn't. He's just starting. -- scary and take that from her I just lover we hope you're okay with that a government -- that. The couple says they have no regrets that the familial -- Bryan. Possession my girlfriend. Cook has a daughter just one year younger than his girlfriend she no longer attends the school all three once attended together. I don't think I look at her as a student at all I think we mean we are sharing life. -- -- that new life now means finding a job other than teaching Jordan powers is new life consists of independent study. And -- hope to graduate this spring. For Good Morning America Cecilia Vega ABC news Los Angeles. Every time and we were left like this absolutely -- realistically I don't know how. I don't got a list myself US father of the young daughter and I would love for you to have a chance to talk with him you're invited -- split please.

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{"id":15917675,"title":"Mom Confronts Daughter's Teacher-Beau on 'Dr. Phil'","duration":"3:12","description":"Teacher who left family for former student was confronted by the teen's mother.","url":"/GMA/video/mom-confronts-teacher-living-student-dr-phil-15917675","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}