Mom Emerges After Disappearing 11 Years Ago

Children react to news that their mother is still alive.
2:03 | 05/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mom Emerges After Disappearing 11 Years Ago
A story of a woman who disappeared eleven years ago after dropping her kids up at school she was declared legally dead but she's now been found alive and well. As you can see from these two pictures on the screen so what brought her back. And -- her family reacting ABC's GO Benitez has the story. 54 year old Brenda heist is waking up in the north Florida jail after turning herself into police. On an outstanding warrant for felony fraud charge and it looks like he just reached that point in time where nearly gigs that heist disappeared eleven years ago after dropping her two children off at school in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. In 2009 the court declared her dead. But police say she'd gone to Florida on a -- with a group of homeless hitch hikers -- who was using the name Kelsey Leanne Smith. Lived with a friend who now tells us she feels -- -- I trust that everything that she told me trusted -- to -- and be with my kids. According to police reports that alias was just one of many this alleged con -- used to live a different life for more than a decade -- slept under bridges. She slept in tents and woods -- turned herself in down in the Florida Keys. But when police didn't find any outstanding warrants she was released she traveled up tool actual county where she stayed with her brother. On Friday -- turned herself in again. This time police did find during the system and -- now behind bars her then husband Lee heist was initially a suspect in his wife's disappearance. There were people in the neighborhood he would not allow their children. To play when my children that hurt me more than just about anything else and then there's. -- daughter Morgan about eight years old when her mom vanished after her mother reemerged she has said her mother doesn't deserve to see her. And this morning it's not clear why heist went to police but perhaps the bigger question. Why she left behind that seemingly perfect family eleven years ago and lived as a ghost -- and she has a lot of explaining to do all right GO thank you.

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{"id":19111763,"title":"Mom Emerges After Disappearing 11 Years Ago","duration":"2:03","description":"Children react to news that their mother is still alive.","url":"/GMA/video/mom-emerges-disappearing-11-years-ago-19111763","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}