New Mom Gets One-Hour Makeover at Ohio State Fair

The lucky mom thought she was heading to the Ohio State Fair, but was surprised with a makeover instead.
4:53 | 08/10/15

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Transcript for New Mom Gets One-Hour Makeover at Ohio State Fair
This morning, we teamed up with almay on their summer bus tour. One mom thought she was spending the afternoon at the Ohio state fair with her family. Our beauty team had other plans in mind. Ah-ha. Reporter: The Ohio state fair site of food, fun. What better place to send our dream team for an ambush makeover. We sent Gretta Monahan, hair stylist to the stars Ted Gibson and almay makeup artist Mickey Williams to the fair. After taking in some deep-friday goodies. Tastes good. Reporter: And saying hello to the sheep. Wherever I go, I find somebody's hair to do. We're looking for makeover conditioneds today. Are you seeing what I'm seeing? Reporter: 30-year-old Colby Murphy. A wife and brand-new mom. We're looking for someone in the mood for makeover. Daddy, you take the baby. Come with us. Reporter: For Colby, news she was getting makeover was music to her ears. We tried to have a baby for years and years. We had her. And my focus is on her. I'm ready to focus on me a little bit. I should not be crying. Reporter: Within minutes, our dream team had a plan. For fed, all about helping her embrace change. I think that every single woman in America should change her hair going short can be really liberating. Reporter: For Greta, about donning the summer's hottest look. The romper. You can wear it with high heels, flats, skimmers. A very versatile trepd that a loft of women can wear. Reporter: For Mickey, all about almay's all-american look. Don't be afraid of color. Reporter: And an hour after the makeover began, time for the reveal. Here's a look at Colby's before shot. And take a look at her after. Check out Kol boo's reaction. Zbloe, my god. That's insane. I came to the state fair to get French fries. Coming away with an amazing makeover. She looks fantastic. Thank you, team. And we're joined by makeup artist extraordinary Mickey Williams. Fresh off the bus where Colby was transformed. She's here to show you how to get your own style 180. The daytime look first. What advise could you give our viewers? Make it easy. This is Kim. We took a natural eye shadow. A neutral palette. It accentuated her natural eye color. In the neutral shades for everyday wear. I say skip the eye liner in the day. Just use a shadow. We haloed it. I kept it soft. It will wear all day. Couldn't be easier to figure out. It has a green tone to it. Can women wear that? I feel like the blues and greens can be truck. Do you have advice? They have created the palettes to work with your color. Everything is the transparent sheer. If you have blue eyes, somewhat the palette? Anything from a bronze. I say there are no rules. You can wear from a bronze to a blue even. Brown eyes? Play with blues. Any kind of gold. Anything like that. They kind of create the three-step process for you. Makes it simple. Day to night advice. Nighttime. Right here. Tiffany's beautiful. I wanted to show, we gave her a great smoky eye. We used how people can use the crayon liner. They get comfortable. I say go over that with a really nice liquid liner. It gives a defined eye. It helps people terrified of drawing the line. It has to be smooth. If you go with the crayon liner first, it will give you the blueprint to draw the perfect gorgeous line. I love it. At the end, if you're overdone, pair it with a neutral lip. Almay came out with a butter-kissed lip balm. I love that look. Thank you so much to our sponsor, almay. And Mickey. Check out our website for more tipping from our beauty team. Let's go to Amy.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"The lucky mom thought she was heading to the Ohio State Fair, but was surprised with a makeover instead. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"32988200","title":"New Mom Gets One-Hour Makeover at Ohio State Fair","url":"/GMA/video/mom-hour-makeover-ohio-state-fair-32988200"}