Mom Leaves Newborn Baby Home to Take Vacation

Fierce debate sparked when blogger boasts about ditching 10-week-old child.
3:00 | 08/23/12

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Transcript for Mom Leaves Newborn Baby Home to Take Vacation
This story is burning up the mommy blogs and our office, talking all about it. One mommy blogger talking about leaving her 10-week-old to go on vacation. Raising the question how soon is too soon to leave your child in someone else's hands? One thing's for sure, her writing has sparked a fierce debate. Take a look. Rebecca never thought taking a vacation would be this controversial. A happy mom makes a happy child. Reporter: When she posted this blog called I'm leaving my 10-week-old to go on vacation, she started a firestorm. Everyone's going to have an opinion about something, including this. Reporter: Eckler admits, it's a vacation for me. Since I can't read the mind of a 2-month-old baby, I'm not sure he's going to miss me. Yes, I'm ditching my baby. I think that even from his early age, I'm teaching him independence. It's inappropriate. I don't see a problem with her leaving her child. Reporter: Fellow mommy blogger, lindsay cross, has a different opinion. When my daughter was young, spending a night away would have been more stressful than relaxing. Reporter: Some mommy readers think she's self-indulgent. Saying, if you need a weekend away after only ten weeks, you weren't ready to become parents. Nine months of pregnancy is a long time. It's very hard on a woman's body. Pretty much, two months in, i think women do need a vacation. Joining us with more on this is the co-author of "secrets of a jewish mother," and former housewife, jill zarin. I'm going to start with you, jen. What do you think the right age is? First of all, I'm a mother before I'm a doctor. As a mother, no way I would leave my baby. I didn't. And I wouldn't if I were having another one now. Medically, there's no answer to this question. All we know is that baby's developmental task is to bond with their caregiver and form trust that their needs will be met. And at 10 weeks, no one can tell you if that's been done. And no one can tell you if a week away would jeopardize that task. Jill, did you go away from your child when they were little? I had to go back to work at six weeks. It's a little hypocritical. If somebody is a husband and wife and had to go away on work after ten weeks, you wouldn't even be discussing it. It would be okay. When is it okay? When isn't it? Good morning, america. Breaking overnight, topical storm isaac. Now, projected for texas and gaining strength. Shifting course overnight right now to soak the republican convention. The west nile virus is exploding coast-to-coast, spreading farther, faster and earlier than before. Pilots with pesticide-tacked planes to combat the deadly disease. Also, breaking overnight, a real-life hollywood murder plot, targeting one of the most successful producers on the planet. How did this aspiring actor try to blackmail millions out of movie mogul harvey weinstein? Who took the photos of harry that raced around the world online? Was it one of his inner circle? Harry gets ready to face the music back at home. At that age, they're sleeping. You're nurturing them. They're sleeping at night. And working parents are gone all day long. I don't see it as such a big deal. But I do think she feels guilty. That blog was written and it sounds like guilt. You think she was trying to purge her soul? The helicopter parenting has to stop. I cut the umbilical cord. They should go? Right. You should also and stop feeling guilty. And the society's pressure on women, you know, to be so many things. You know, we needed -- nine months carrying the baby. She maybe needs pfive days off. You delivered over 1,000 babies. She chose not to do this with her first child. She did it with her second. Do you think that's a matter of becoming more relaxed as a parent? No question about it. It's something I see all the time with women who their first baby, their first pregnancy, they're walking on eggshells. Everything gets sterilized. They bubble-wrap the baby in the household. And then we realize, baby's are pretty resilient. I think that we have to separate here with this issue. Opinion and judgment. My opinion, I wouldn't leave my baby for a nonwork-related the debate rages on, even right here. Robin? I want to sneak up on you. Hi, jill.

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{"id":17064089,"title":"Mom Leaves Newborn Baby Home to Take Vacation","duration":"3:00","description":"Fierce debate sparked when blogger boasts about ditching 10-week-old child. ","url":"/GMA/video/mom-leaves-newborn-baby-home-vacation-17064089","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}