Mom Parts Ways With '80s After Big Makeover

Gretta Monahan helps Dawn Siedlarz-Aponte break out of her fashion funk.
3:00 | 08/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mom Parts Ways With '80s After Big Makeover
For one of our viewers, the '80s, STILL VERY MUCH ALIVE. There's dawn in 1985. And take a look. Here's dawn now. No. This is now? This is now. Hasn't changed much. She says for her, it's the only style she's ever known. I, for one, complete lu support you. Because this is the only style i have ever known and I use style very, very loosely. She's not the only one out there. Today we'll give you tips to update your look. First, a closer look at dawn. ♪ hi, guys. Good afternoon, america. Come on in. I figured, I'd show you my closet. Do you want to come on in and SEE WHAT I GOT FOR MY '80s STYLE Clothes? This one is a definite '86 dress. THESE ARE SOME OF MY '80s T-shirts, they actually still have the original pads in them. If it looks good and it fits right andky wear it, why throw it away? I only do my makeup once a day, I only fick my hair once a day. In the morning I get up everything is done. A lot of people look at me and they just know me from my fluff. When it comes to shoe, I don't have a lot. There are my chunky browns and i actually have two more pair of these both in black. For me, it's a lifestyle change, this makeover, because I don't know how to change. I'm stuck. I need somebody's help, seriously. . So, we enlisted fashion and beauty guru, total friend of the show, gretta monahan to update dawn, a little something we call fashion fast-forward. We want to welcome you, in the audience we have dawn's fiance dave and her daughter, cheyenne, we can't wait to see this amazing transforation. I want to ask you, is this common? You see women get stuck in a comfort zone? Absolutely. We've done tons of makeover, when you go, you're living life. You're busy, people wear the same clothe, they don't change their makeup routine, that's what happens. You guys ready? Ready! Oh, dawn. Yes. Come on out! Get up there. Come on. Hi. You look so cute! I mean, don't -- seriously, that was -- it was like christmas morning for you, dave. You -- how crazy. Dawn, how do you feel? Amazing. Totally amazing. So, what do we do here, gretta? So, when I first met her -- i wore the crispy hair too. I met her, she is so beautiful. She was stunning when she opened the door. She just is. I thought oh, my god, I can't wait to take all of this off. So, first thing started with hair. ROCKING THE '80s MULL LET Wearing color brassy, uneven on her skin tone making it drab and the curls. Got rid of the perm. I used nicin' easy. I just went darker. Took out the crunchy products. Replaced them were natural-based products and then I got her a tool that wasn't going to burn her hair like a diffuser. Basically take those three decades of beauty. Cheyenne, what do you think? It's freaky. It doesn't look like my mother. Who is this lady you you're pulling out behind this. Dave, I've never seen -- that look on your face was worth it. What do you think? Aw. I want to ask you for women at home who really want to take this step. What is the approach in terms of clothing. Basically, here, this is dawn's clothes that I took to show you, drab, dull color, silhouettes too long, too full. BASICALLY STUCK IN BOXY '80s Shapes. Out with that and into bright colors, bright, bold colors instantly youthful. That's what you're rockin', also fitted, she's curvy and petite. She can't wear all that fabric. Take a look at flow, everybody overplucked their brows. You're a pluckaholic. And julie, style expert came in and showed her how to grow her brow back. Let it grow. This is my favorite moment of the program, it's amazing.

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{"id":16960058,"title":"Mom Parts Ways With '80s After Big Makeover","duration":"3:00","description":"Gretta Monahan helps Dawn Siedlarz-Aponte break out of her fashion funk.","url":"/GMA/video/mom-parts-ways-80s-big-makeover-16960058","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}