Mom Responds to Christmas Tree Photo Backlash

Emma Tapping received backlash on social media after posting a picture of presents stacked high in front of her Christmas tree.
5:10 | 12/18/15

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Transcript for Mom Responds to Christmas Tree Photo Backlash
but one mother of three is feeling backlash now, not the spirit of the season after posting this photo on instagram. Her Christmas tree surrounded, actually, dwarfed by hundreds of presents. Critics say she's spoiling her kids. Well, she is firing back and we'll talk to Emma tapping live in just a moment. How do you know if there really are too many gifts up the tree? One mom found out after sharing this photo of her family's massive present pile on instagram sparking a Christmas controversy. The stack of 300 gifts shared by mother of three Emma tapping instantly going viral after outraged critics shared it with the #toomanypresents. One post shared over 100,000 captioned the tidal wave for yuletide loot. Hour others calling it disgusting and a perfect example of spoiled brats but tapping is fighting back against her holiday haters. On her Facebook page she writes "I refuse to reply to people messaging me telling me how I should spend my Christmas. How about concentrating on your own." She points out some are for adult family members and that the entire bounty cost just $2300 adding police try and remember this is about three little children, their Christmas, their tree. And Emma tapping is joining us now speaking out about all this backlash. Thanks for having me. I understand to each his own but when you put it out on social media you open yourself up for criticism. Why did you put it out there, this photo. I put it out there, I put up the decorations we made up and one picture of the year. I put it on Facebook every year closed to my Facebook friends and upon instagram for it to be shared all over the world and the way I see it is thousands of pictures go up on instagram every single day, do we have the right to judge people just because they have a better car or a better -- Would you do it again. Yes, I'd do it again. Nobody is going to tell me how I spend my Christmas. Sock backlash says you're spoiling your children and been insensitive to those who have less, completely taking away the Christmas spirit that some people think is about, you know, giving and not getting and that your children are being spoiled. Were there certain comments that hurt you more than others. Comments about the children obviously. But since it's come out America has kind of been protective over me and said she's just a mum. She pays for them herself. They're her own children. Let her do what she wants to do. What have you told your kids about it? The kids just know it's Normal Christmas and I said don't read anything obviously because I don't, you know, my eldest is on social media. Everybody knows that know my kids know they're lovely, lovely kids and I'm hoping that I can share with, you know, with the public especially America, get as far as America and show how I save money all year round and how I save up to get my christmases this way. 300 presents under the tree, 85 for your two girls, 30 for your son. I know you don't want to give away but what could you possibly have inside. A lot of things are things they need because I don't spoil them throughout the year. So they get their clothes for the year. They get their bubble baths, their perfumes, makeup for the older one for the year because in they want anything else they have to save up for that themselves. What's a smelly. A smelly is like -- Thank you for asking that. Is that very british? Smellies is your bubble baths and your soaps and your hand lotions. So we don't have to buy shampoo or bubble bath throughout the year once Christmas is done. $2300 the equivalent in the U.S. And you know how to save and you've got some tips for people trying to do just that for the Christmas season. Absolutely. Yes, I've been doing it for years. And I mean one of the presents under there, mom, please don't March but it's $100 coat for $5. Because you buy things when they go on sale in the summer -- Yeah. Or I -- it's another british way, I haggle. I will haggle. I haggle too. I love a haggle and I think it's important for people to know how to fight the major stores and get a bit of money -- Do you haggle over any of the smellies. Oh, yes, absolutely. I know what days to hit the sales, the January sales. I did not like that picture but you make a pretty good case. Thank you. I think each his own. Thank you very much. That's how I feel. You know, I hope everybody has a Christmas in their way but if the picture offend, don't look. Just stroll up, right? Exactly because I'm being blasted about a bad mother when there's grown men and women with three little children at christmastime -- If this is the way -- It's not excessive spending but maybe excessive wrapping. Listen, thank you for coming on. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. We'll move on to that backlash over Adele tickets.

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{"duration":"5:10","description":"Emma Tapping received backlash on social media after posting a picture of presents stacked high in front of her Christmas tree.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35838168","title":"Mom Responds to Christmas Tree Photo Backlash","url":"/GMA/video/mom-responds-christmas-tree-photo-backlash-35838168"}