Mom Testers Take on Hair Curler and Microwave Pot

Products advertised on television meet mothers who need products that deliver.
3:00 | 11/09/13

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Transcript for Mom Testers Take on Hair Curler and Microwave Pot
you've seen them advertised on tv. But do these things actually work? I love this investigative music. Our latest mom testers and their families put three products through the paces to see if they deliver all that they promise. Abc's becky worley got the goods on the goods. Hi, "good morning america." Reporter: It's that time again. We picked three "gma" viewers and sent them three as-seen-on-tv products. It's amazing. Reporter: Will these earn the mom seal of approval? Or leave our moms. Dee hutchinson, mom of three. Ohio's lindsay beck, with a 3-year-old son. And mom of four, elmi martinez of texas. First up -- we're going to try out the stone mini. The ceramic cooker. I'm going to make an am let. Loaded baked potato. Reporter: All three moms got cooking. Put in the microwave for two minutes. There it goes. I can smell the am let. Looks pretty good. Reporter: The taste test? Not bad. It's pretty good. Reporter: And the kids got into the mix. Reporter: The stone wave was solid as a rock. Earning across the board mom approved. Next up, a device to give our moms some glam. We're going to test out the curl secret. Hair goes in. Curls come out. Reporter: For lindsay, a few jitters. I'm terrified of this. It's so horrifying. Reporter: Despite the hesitation, he's a curl secret convert. And elmi was a fan of her girls' curls. Reporter: She wasn't a fan of how long it took. Conair, the company behind the curl secret, says while some users may spend the same amount of time curling their hair with a traditional curling iron, the benefits of providing's of use, curl consistently and longer-lasting results is what makes the curl secret revolutionary. But dee gave the curl secret a thumbs down. One mom disappointed. Two moms approved. Time for our moms to kick back and relax with our final product. The smushion. The smushion is a memory foam cushion. Reporter: Each mom found their own use for the smushion. It is as advertised. Reporter: For all of them, it hit the spot. The smushion was a smashing success. It earns the second unanimous mom approved. Those are our fabulous mom-tested products. And you have the smushion there. I'm all about the smushion. I love that you can put your remote in here. It's great. Think think of everything. And, bianna, I'm ready to do your hair here -- I thought you were going to do yours. Okay. All right. Let's see here. A moment of terror. Does it get stuck? It made a little cute curl.

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{"id":20838370,"title":"Mom Testers Take on Hair Curler and Microwave Pot","duration":"3:00","description":"Products advertised on television meet mothers who need products that deliver.","url":"/GMA/video/mom-testers-hair-curler-microwave-pot-20838370","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}