Mom Testers Try Out Popular Products Seen on TV

Becky Worley helps moms check out some of the latest products sold on TV.
3:00 | 05/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mom Testers Try Out Popular Products Seen on TV
It's Mother's Day as -- mentioned so fairly or not -- to put a bunch of moms who work that's right let's face it when you want it done right you've got a mom. So we took some popular product seen on TV and put them through the -- as only our mom testers can do. They ABC's tech contributor and mother Becky Worley has the results good morning -- happy Mother's Day. This Mother's Day to celebrate mom did GMA -- Moret CNN day and that's right a brand new edition of mom's tennis. Three new moms and thirty new -- seen on TV products. Please let -- get this -- -- -- -- room wouldn't readiness. Mom some pointed. Let's meet our mom from Barrington Rhode Island am laughing man -- kid from -- Content with a the four month old son. And Amos about it on the girl's hand -- on -- -- Now what better way to start -- mother's name on testers then with a nice breakfast. One that may just -- Perfect the perfect pancake pan we have high hopes. All three mom's job applicants. We're happy the -- was a plus test -- -- case and for Danielle and her family. The proof was in the taste tests and they Tony. But Andrew will be giving up her old school skillet fast -- it's easier Philip didn't get a perfect score the pinky and still gets a passing -- one mom disappointed. Two -- approved. It's done in the -- of the Mother's Day gift would be to make housecleaning quicker and easier practice. Anything entered the -- 363. In -- -- -- the mop together and got a grasp of the yeah. -- They were able to take the hurricanes in mock -- of their own. These three. They were all won over -- month means capability me. Now. Everyone got in the -- It's 88 kitty kitty is it not for himself -- -- -- -- -- Perkins and not meeting clean sweep soaking up a unanimous. -- Millions and all your work and our last Mother's Day gift promises a good night's sleep in my -- Guarantee that most comfortable Hilan you'll ever -- after spin cycle to actively look for maximum comfort makes all. I want him. Being blown away and I -- -- -- didn't find comfort in her mind and look it's. If she can get it away from my husband that is still mom test. He gave -- my little thumbs up making the verdict. One mom yeah. Ferraro. Now we spoke to the folks who make -- Perfect pancake pan and they told us quote millions of satisfied customers loved the -- Assisi used delivers great results. Perfectly shaped pancakes and that the perfect pancake underwent extensive testing. We also spoke with the folks behind my pillow who told us that although the classic line of pillows which are moms tried. Features a great quality pillow it may not be the right fit for -- one which is why they also feature premium line the company also touted its money back guarantee ten year warranty eight plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. And a return rate of less than 10%. So -- on the I wish you -- happy. Happy Mother's Day after all that information happy Mother's Day continue to Dallas harsh mop for yourself -- -- now -- -- -- that. -- begging great to see you great stab at all and thank you and make him up for breakfast and couldn't hope.

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{"id":19162215,"title":"Mom Testers Try Out Popular Products Seen on TV","duration":"3:00","description":"Becky Worley helps moms check out some of the latest products sold on TV.","url":"/GMA/video/mom-testers-popular-products-tv-19162215","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}