Mom Would Allow Tween Daughter to Shop at Victoria's Secret

Jenny Erikson disagrees with critics who suggest shopping at lingerie store is inappropriate.
4:41 | 03/05/13

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Transcript for Mom Would Allow Tween Daughter to Shop at Victoria's Secret
The best ever. I find the next story interesting because I have an 8-year-old girl. This hits close to home. The controversy is over victoria's secret. Is it too racy for tweens. One mom is saying no. She's okay with her 9-year-old shopping at victoria's secret. Reporter: Steamy. Sexy lace panties. And revealing pushup bras. Ripped from the runway and straight into your twen daughter's shopping bag? Sexy under way from victoria's secret? This is why girls are growing up too fast. Reporter: But mommy blogger jenny erikson is causing a stir. Reporter: She says she's excited to bring her tween daughter to victoria's secret to buy the pink collection. I don't think there's anything wrong with having big girl panties and bras. When you start becoming a preteen, you want to go ahead a bit away from gymboree and to the next level. Reporter: And that's what retrarls banking on. The twen industry is a $30 billion industry. ♪ We're going to party like ♪ Reporter: And justin bieber rocking the cat walk, no doubt they are. I don't think marketers would admit that's what they're doing. But clearly, it seems to be something that's happening with products that are designed for younger and younger girls. Reporter: But this mom says victoria's secret is a girl's rite of passage. They see them half naked on the side of the bus. It's part of our culture. Reporter: Is there anything wrong with a between wearing something like this? I would not do it. You might be falling into the ugly underwear trap. Reporter: Where does she draw the line? There's a line between pretty and sexy. Reporter: For now, hannah, who doesn't know what victoria's secret is, is content with getting fashion advice not from runway models, but someone she trusts. Like, my grandma says, don't wear socks with sandals. Reporter: That is such good advice. Trying to find happy medium. You're trying to make them feel pretty. You don't want them to feel bad about their emerging swexuality. Reporter: Meantime, she can fool good about being a little girl. Abbie boudreau, abc news, san diego. This one's got us talking. Let's bring in radio show host mel robbins. Are parents asking for it? 100%. I love victoria's secret. It's a store for adults. A 9 dwreerld is not a tween. Think this mother is asking for it. If you're buying a 9-year-old lingerie, they're going to be snap chatting that lingerie in matter of years to their friends. That line is reportedly not lingerie. It's more sporty. Are you saying because you have to walk through the store with the images that are hypersexual. You want cute underwear, go to target or old navy. The days of the week. The fact she said there's a difference between pretty and sexy. It's underwear for a 9-year-old. That's an outrageous thing to spap. At the end of the piece, where she said emerging sexuality. If you have a daughter developing early, you have to treat them by age not what the body looks like. What ever happened to underoos? That's true. The world was so simple. What would you say to parents? This is common sense. What if nthey say prettier, No problem. Go to old navy. You're driving the pbus as the parent. It's one thing to observe it. It's another thing to drive participation. This kid doesn't even know about victoria's secret. This is a well-pleening mom about to make a stupid decision. She's the one driving it. All right, mel, thank you. Thank you.

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{"id":18655656,"title":"Mom Would Allow Tween Daughter to Shop at Victoria's Secret","duration":"4:41","description":"Jenny Erikson disagrees with critics who suggest shopping at lingerie store is inappropriate.","url":"/GMA/video/mom-tween-daughter-shop-victorias-secret-18655656","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}