Mommy Bloggers Take On Hunger in America

One mother took to the Internet to help fight hunger on Thanksgiving.
3:00 | 11/24/11

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Transcript for Mommy Bloggers Take On Hunger in America
-- turned -- ABC special series -- at home prices in America putting the spotlight. On those less fortunate. Among us one of every six Americans struggle to put food on the table sometime this year one in six but on this Thanksgiving. One mother was determined to help needy families in July that holiday dinner that. So many of us take for granted. A few keystrokes later she helped hundreds of families experience the true spirit of Thanksgiving ABC's juju Chang has the story. To a multitude of mommies she's the famously -- reverend blogger who dishes with Desperate Housewives. But lately which he's been hearing is just plain desperation. There was one confession -- where moms head you know we're gonna happen to you. Skip Thanksgiving this year because I just can't afford it said Jill smoke -- out -- plead to or 250000. Twitter followers and they responded. -- is single handedly making Thanksgiving dinner. Possible for 400 -- months. 700 readers chipped in mom's helping moms feed their families like -- -- of Warren Michigan we live paycheck to paycheck. Sara works to help the homeless her husband stays home with the kids. Their daughter's illness left them 50000 dollars in debt Sarah would secretly pour her heart out on chills block. And just. Because he had you know make hot dogs for dinner because -- 48 cents a -- does not make you a bad month the recession is still handing out -- We look at -- bank account and -- we have 42 dollars to the last of seven days. And it's not fair. What do you learned about hunger in America I learned that it's everywhere that it's not just statistic that we read about in the Paper and it's real. Moms -- we may not you know recognize on the surface are struggling and -- for myself. But I want my kids to grow up. Live a life that makes them proud. Most donors remain anonymous. Gill introduced me to many via -- I think that congress doesn't necessarily mean that -- homeless and out on the street thought of another mother and not being able to provide her children. Which -- breaks my heart. Triplets strangers came house to -- out. Little things and -- felt that I don't want to return that -- in -- -- and I. For the families both giving and receiving it's a true lesson of Thanksgiving. -- -- Today anonymous donor who made -- possible -- to have a Thanksgiving -- and. Yeah. It's terrific stuff you please go to Slash helped to learn how you can do your part to end hunger in America you can also text meal and EAL 250555. And a ten dollar donation will be given to feeding America -- leading domestic hunger relief organization great great stuff there.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"One mother took to the Internet to help fight hunger on Thanksgiving.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15022933","title":"Mommy Bloggers Take On Hunger in America","url":"/GMA/video/mommy-bloggers-hunger-america-thanksgiving-15022933"}