Moms Craft New Take on Lunch Kits With a Healthy Twist

Two moms join forces to revolutionize prepackaged school lunches.
4:32 | 08/28/13

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Transcript for Moms Craft New Take on Lunch Kits With a Healthy Twist
A new way to get your kids to eat healthy. An idea from two moms joining forces to win the battle for the school lunchbox, redesigning the all in one lunch kits. Abbie boudreau has the story. Is this bacon? Reporter: Much like cam on the hit show, "modern family" -- my new thing is bacon. It's like real bacon. Except for the look, the texture and the taste. Reporter: Parents are searching for healthy food options for the children. Kirsten are two california moms and former teachers, thinking they found the answer. With their low-sodium, meal kits. Taste tested and approved by their own kids. I remember my daughter saying, this ham is too sweet. Or too salty. My boys were focused on the level of crunchiness of the crackers. Reporter: They're serving 1 million meals a week. Now, the meal kids will be sharing shelf space nens to other grab and goes, like lunchables. What we focus on creating the meal kids is putting real, quality ingredients in there. Whole grains. High-quality protein. Fruit snacks. Reporter: Do you think there's something on the market like this? As a mom, who shops in a grocery store for my family, this meal kit is something I've been waiting for for a long time. It has the fruit. No artificial colors or flavors or preservatives. Reporter: That's yummy. From build it yourself pizza. My favorite part is the sauce. And ham and cheese crackers and turkey and cheese with whole grain crackers. A good rule of thumb is to look for a short ingredients list. If there are words that you can't pronounce, if the list is so lengthy, that's kind of a red flag. Reporter: This registered dietitian says that parents supplement any lunch with fruits and veggies. These two women say that's right on point. How do you see your company expanding? In every family's refrigera refrigerator. And in every school. We have impact in both places. For "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, oakland, california. Dave si zen coe is joining us now. It's great to see a wider array of options available. And eating right is hard. That's why one in three young americans is overweight or obese. If we can't afford those, what should parents be packing? What should be in our lunch? They should pack a healthy lunch. And try to eat the rainbow the. Try to eat the rainbow? A variety of colors inside. A fruit and a vegetable. You want -- that's beige. And most kid lunches are beige. Like a sand trap. You start with 100% whole wheat. Protein like roast beef. Snack time. And you go to snack time. Dependable drinks. Yellow. Almonds. Eating the rainbow. Great to be here. Coming up, "gma" snack time. Not going to take a nap on camera. But -- this is actually going to be a little bit of work to put this all together. It could be. But in the few minutes we've been talking about this, most parents can prepare a quick lunch. A box of raisins. I have them in a cupboard. You do this every day? It's not a throwaway moment. Planning your child's lunch has to be as important as the meal they eat in front of you. Exactly. A dependable drink. Crunchy snacks. Eat the rain doe. That's a great way to remember. What the airlines don't tell you before you fly.

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{"id":20092131,"title":"Moms Craft New Take on Lunch Kits With a Healthy Twist","duration":"4:32","description":"Two moms join forces to revolutionize prepackaged school lunches.","url":"/GMA/video/moms-craft-lunch-kits-healthy-twist-20092131","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}