Montana Math Teacher Vanishes While Jogging

Sherry Arnold disappeared after leaving her house for an early-morning jog.
2:02 | 01/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Montana Math Teacher Vanishes While Jogging
Gonna turn now to the search for -- Montana math teacher who disappeared Saturday. After leaving her house for an early morning -- a thousand of her friends and neighbors have volunteered to help find Sherri Arnold but so far. -- have only turned up a single running -- ABC's been comical intrigue -- has the latest. The desperate search for a beloved wife mother and teacher is continuing today in this small Montana town. After 43 year old Sherri Arnold vanish for days ago. She was last seen around 6:30 AM Saturday as she left her home for a morning jog without her cell phone. When she didn't return her husband Gary alerted authorities and along with a group of 200 concerned friends and neighbors they mobilized to find her. Cherie is a fighter she will do. Anything it cakes. To get through this. Saturday evening search crews located -- single running -- that authorities believe Arnold was glaring. In a ditch along one of her usual running routes on the northeastern part of town. The mother of three has taught algebra here for more than eighteen years and is well known in this close knit community. Only about 6000 people live in Sidney Montana and by Sunday nearly a thousand of them were out searching for Arnold as a. Somebody that. Is a stable part of our community it was well thought of teacher I'm not surprised that people came out. For now police say they found no evidence indicating foul play in -- disappearance is being treated as a missing persons case. Her husband is holding onto hope for her safe return. Search was unsuccessful. But there -- Here again today. We keep trying we -- to -- sharing. -- Sherri is a cancer survivor who -- part of the bone in her lower leg removed due to disease it was after her bout with cancer that she became a runner. The city police chief believes that this is either an abduction case or perhaps -- fell while jogging got disoriented and could be injured right now but the search does continue. And spend much.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"Sherry Arnold disappeared after leaving her house for an early-morning jog.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15328059","title":"Montana Math Teacher Vanishes While Jogging","url":"/GMA/video/montana-math-teacher-sherry-arnold-vanishes-early-morning-15328059"}