Montel Williams on M.S. Diagnosis, Fisher House Charity

The former TV host talks to Josh, Lara and Sam and plays a game on "GAA."
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Transcript for Montel Williams on M.S. Diagnosis, Fisher House Charity
So I -- I had Good Morning America Sam Champion with us and this next guy and great friend of our shell and Andy award winner who ruled daytime TV -- -- seventeen years I love those dove. -- until Williams show everybody who's not. Okay. Okay. Okay. That Israel. I have to be in good shape as a to do with the fact that you know people look and the -- guidance and distribute almost twenty years ago. And since her diagnosis you know dozens of general -- -- disease continues to do degenerate and for me I have to exercise every so we'll build up this morning. 6 o'clock. Aaron -- in the gym and it's not before being enemies it needs to keep month but walking yeah if I missed two days the -- -- starts to drag. And so I've got to do it and that's why you know kind of like once this thing this year when trying to get America to stop -- secondly remember. We had become the excuse -- nation. We need to start a campaign -- no more excuses listening I get every single -- you know -- Five days a week seven days a week -- work -- everyday I changed my diet eat differently every day because I'm looking for things that can mitigate my inflammation. I'm trying to battle so -- Kimmel live -- and not live to get ready yeah. Once lot of other and it really doesn't matter who's in the White House who's in charge. Our health care is our responsibility. We have to start taking responsibility for our individual health care footprint. If we pay attention to how we feel how we exercise really what we put into put our bodies are seeing a doctor. Once a year the last five years. Why couldn't work every day they they do anymore are they so c'mon do you good for the next year look at an MP some people that baby steps you can hellish Keating hello boarding. Wait wait and keep all -- She will not Google knows that I do this crazy things because. I'm trying to keep myself motivated now four years ago I couldn't disagree more I had to stop mileage I've lost so much of the local -- Then I started reaching out for new treatments and therapies so -- -- in more than three different experimental treatments right now as we speak one of those little. -- as you -- Daniel. Amber fry it is my guy because mama didn't -- -- -- and that's wonderful the first. -- -- Guys just don't need the warriors and all I had to stop I couldn't do almost adequate yeah that's sort of working really hard proving to myself that -- -- if you just -- but I think you can get it back after got a fat. So why give back the got a lot of limited -- yeah. Thank. You. Actually -- one of the GA gains I can play any game replied yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- What is certainly does anyone know. Of the game is yes. What students know -- -- -- -- It's builders -- so here basically what -- ask you questions you need to answer. Another day or you can and that -- -- your answer. Clearly -- -- -- -- OK I have a question number one OK hello street. What was your least favorite topic to cover. On the Montel Williams show spill it. Or spend it or both or like this spring. Okay. -- -- The -- -- I do at least give her a little old pessimist what is job but these six years old. I'm good desserts yeah. -- Kids aren't good at about the I don't know -- the -- -- -- hadn't had -- Very quickly. Yet a lot psychics on the talk should did you believe him. Could actually. Pretty woman herself I never ever probably been taught in -- -- set it on the show the one that came -- -- all the time her name Sylvia -- I don't believe she was like you got that you wouldn't have more in tuition and most of us. Just like -- -- kind of break -- the bay area of the brain where they process map there was more brain matter -- her when they cut her -- opened the find out that intuitively. She knows a little bit more she can read people I -- when I watched -- -- and and so. -- -- -- I'll tell you what I'm sorry you do have to spin out. Look everybody's got. -- -- -- And all you all do the robot. I -- -- --

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{"id":17151352,"title":"Montel Williams on M.S. Diagnosis, Fisher House Charity","duration":"3:00","description":"The former TV host talks to Josh, Lara and Sam and plays a game on \"GAA.\"","url":"/GMA/video/montel-williams-ms-diagnosis-fisher-house-charity-17151352","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}