'WWYD': Does Beauty Allow Bad Behavior?

When beautiful people behave badly, are they treated better?
3:28 | 03/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'WWYD': Does Beauty Allow Bad Behavior?
A bucket of what would you do if you saw someone shoplifting would you be less likely to turn and then that they were attractive. It raises the question do beautiful people get treated better even when they're behaving -- ABC's John Quinones -- that story. Would come to -- -- sports Salt Lake City just a few miles from some of the best he runs in the country. It's early morning and already are true his running cable. The camera and you -- the -- And biking up this -- He was about to play a brazen. How old people react to this -- -- taking five fingered discount. Ashley browsers through the store a few things start falling off the show -- And right in. -- this gentleman right here says -- here. He -- your lips and stuff. And we've talked about I personally I think. Conducive throughout. Don't know. Clearly people are not shy about blowing the whistle so plainly dressed -- But what if we switch things up for -- and -- -- -- -- -- practice beauty queen. In fact this action was the first runner rob at -- USA. This man notices are immediately. -- But it's not just dealing he's worried about. It's her choice of volumes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maybe what got me. Days. An investors. Who do you think -- she continues stealing -- right in front of him he clearly seems smitten but will that keep them quiet self. Almost five minutes go by without a world where -- devoted to it. Dinosaurs -- of -- sir it's. It takes you see anything. Six. That you not say anything because she's pretty. And it security. Is not your problem movement. -- that fit that it but it it. -- -- -- Yes we do -- she's got -- happy. He says he's mistaken him here so great that you could -- -- -- -- no absolutely. Clinton was found Wilson but that's not the way James -- and -- -- -- -- basically you want you to cook them well yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. -- -- This place. Has the managers that sounds pretty good. -- -- Maynard. -- step in sorry sir you told. What you're right I in the city. And we're glad that you are makes you think that commercial don't hate me because a beautiful. What would you do airs tonight 9 eighths central on ABC.

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{"id":15832382,"title":"'WWYD': Does Beauty Allow Bad Behavior?","duration":"3:28","description":"When beautiful people behave badly, are they treated better? ","url":"/GMA/video/moral-dilemma-explored-15832382","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}