Morgellons Mystery: All in Your Mind?

CDC releases study on condition where patients feel a crawling on their skin.
3:12 | 01/26/12

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Transcript for Morgellons Mystery: All in Your Mind?
I think gonna switch gears now because one of the most frustrating thing someone in pain can hear from the doctor is that phrase it's all in your mind. And that's what a brand new federal study suggests about magellan's a condition affecting mostly middle -- women who suffer from fatigue -- and that -- sensation. The tiny bugs are constantly crawling under their skin. An anchor Cynthia McFadden has been investigating this since it was warm -- sentenced. It I think it really is for the people -- -- George six years ago I was asked to investigate. -- this -- little understood disease causing a great deal of pain to it suffers but. Which -- doctors don't even believe exist more gallons -- people what the conditions begged the Centers for Disease Control to study their symptoms and and now -- -- and the CDC study. Was released last night. When we first met and -- 2006. She was in the throes of the mystery illness. It's. And -- -- and -- Our hands. This -- well and saying it -- and was suffering from more gallons disease imagine your skin burning itching feeling crawling all over. Imagine having open sores on your face and body. And then imagine having -- like fibers coming out of your skin. That's exactly what you told -- was happening to her. -- do you even like to say it is you know that there are people watching this who -- -- and right away and that's what I had to back aspect. But we met others shearing an enhanced misery. If I had a family member coming up and say I had this up I'd say some sun in a straitjacket -- very needs some help. It sounds crazy. We spoke with doctor Vincent DiLeo. Who told us that according to medical literature there is no -- -- -- -- -- skin symptoms fit perfectly with the same group of individuals symptoms that we saw in patients with. -- -- -- -- -- In other -- he's saying it's all in their heads and many scientists agree remaining skeptical that this is a real medical condition at all. According to the Centers for Disease Control. It's so uncommon that it's seen in fewer than four out of every 100000. People seeking medical attention. More gallons remains a mystery no comfort and still no answers for and dill. And others who suffer from a condition. That is very real. Had them. So for the last four years George the CDC -- -- the 115 northern California patients win this symptoms like ants now. Notably half those people have other medical conditions and the result. Researchers have determined that the condition was not infectious it was not caused by the environment. They concluded that those fibers you saw that those may in fact be little pieces of -- or fabric but. The question really is what's causing those lesions and that's still is not known and the people are truly suffered what ever the house and doing now we talked to -- yesterday and she says it's anti innovator in 2006 she's been diagnosed with lupus. If -- easily given up hope. It's -- Terry. Thanks for investigation -- and -- some sad news.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"CDC releases study on condition where patients feel a crawling on their skin.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"15446446","title":"Morgellons Mystery: All in Your Mind?","url":"/GMA/video/morgellons-mystery-syptoms-mind-psychosomatic-15446446"}