Morning Sickness May Signal Healthy Baby

The new study shows all the discomfort that comes with morning sickness may indicate a strong baby.
1:50 | 07/29/14

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Transcript for Morning Sickness May Signal Healthy Baby
We'll turn to a new study showing something bad for moms-to-be may be good for their babies. All the discomfort that comes with morning sickness could signal a healthy start for newborns. Dr. Jen ashtons, you delivered more than a thousand babies. Maybe some consolation and affects as many as 85% of pregnant women but this, me too, Amy, this was a massive study looking at several smaller studies and they found that women who experience morning sickness of unclear had some significant associated findings. They had a lower rate of miscarriage, less preterm delivery, less babies with birth defects and very surprisingly they had babies with higher iqs later on. We have to remember that was an association. It didn't explain why so it was not cause and effect and particularly important these findings were most significant in women over the age of 35 so a blessing in disguise in yeah, and if you've ever had morning sickness it is as you said a consolation prize but still, it doesn't -- it doesn't hide the fact that it's tough to get through other options for dealing with the morning sickness -- Sour patch kids helped me. You got two beautiful girls out of it. What else? We use a full spectrum of things anywhere from small snacks, saltine, ginger ale to great complimentary therapies, ac accupupg sure, acupressure and wristbands and b-6 and have to bring out the big guns, prescription medication and if that's necessary we can usually get it under control. We shouldn't be worried if you don't have morning sickness. Absolutely not. Remember, we're still learning a lot in obstetrics. As much an art as it is a science. I can hear Ali screaming through the screen she had terrible morning sickness but we have two healthy girls.

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{"id":24755830,"title":"Morning Sickness May Signal Healthy Baby","duration":"1:50","description":"The new study shows all the discomfort that comes with morning sickness may indicate a strong baby.","url":"/GMA/video/morning-sickness-signal-healthy-baby-24755830","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}