Mother Apologies on Facebook for Children's Real-Life Behavior

The social media apology to another mother has gained a lot of attention online.
4:26 | 03/31/15

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Transcript for Mother Apologies on Facebook for Children's Real-Life Behavior
index," a mom's polling on Facebook getting lots of buzz. She turned to social media after she learned her two daughters were rude to another mother at the movies and now the two women are meeting for the first time. ABC's juju Chang has the story. They're all looking at awe. Reporter: It's a fairy tale ending in the age of social media. Just because -- Reporter: Our story begins when kyesha smith wood sends her kids to see "Cinderella." At the strike of midnight the spell will be broken. My daughter and I came to the theater to watch "Cinderella." Two guys behind us were giggling, kicking my seat. I turned around and I said, you know, girls, we bade for this movie just like you did, could you just kind of keep it down. Honestly, it made me feel a lot of shame and I felt embarrassed even more for the girl' behavior. Reporter: Miffed at her daughters 57z unkind behavior she faced a charming appeal scouring the kingdom for the other mom saying this rude, disrespect ullr and awful behavior is unaccept many. They owe you an apology and going on to say we would like to pay for your next movie and snacks out of their allowance. I was expecting someone to be upset. I was shocked that she -- that the mother supported me. Rebecca is really the hero in this. None of this would have happened had Rebecca not said something. Reporter: The Facebook appeal went viral being shared thousands of times. Teaching the kids the real power of social media. The intention was never to embarrass or humiliate the girls but at the same time I think they kind of understand and they know the power of social media. Reporter: Soon Rebecca Boyd saw the post and the shoe fit so to speak. Resulting in a magical meeting of the two mops for the first time. In this envelope I do have the apology letter and I also have the girls' allowance to reimburse -- proving what Cinderella knew all the time. Where there is kindness there is magic. Reporter: For "Good morning America," juju Chang, ABC news, New York. Happy ending. Parenting expert and editor of Ericka souter joins me. Always good to have you here. The mother didn't intend to humiliate or embarrass her children. She just wanted to say, hey, you were wrong and to make amends for it. The important thing she wanted to teach them their actions have cons kwepss. It's a great thing to see in this day and age. Too many times you see parents say, oh, kids are being kids. My daughter didn't mean it but this is great. She stepped in and rectified the situation. She had them rectify the situation. Like the first mom who stepped in. How much do you tolerate and say enough is enough? That is a tough spot to be in. You have no idea how those kids are going to react to you about you she did a good thing and taught by example not just those kids she spoke to and stood up for herself and let her daughter know that kind of behavior is not tolerated. Good point. I know you have a quiz, so to speak to teach our kids to be better people. So the first question is multiple choice. Number one if your kid misbehaviors. A, lay down the law or, "B," give them the benefit of the doubt. I'm going with "A." "A." Lay down the law. You want to set standards. Not just getting good grades and sharing but know the behavior that's tolerated in your household. The next question is? Yes, so it's also multiple choice. If your kid does something wrong the best fix is, "A." They're on their own to face the music or "B" you help them resolve the situation. It depends on the age. And the situation. I think you help them. Combo platter. I like that. Oh. Actually go with "A" in mind. Let them face the music. They need to rectify the situation and stand behind what they did and apologize for it facing the music. Sometimes they won't go face the music unless you -- You got to push them. Got to push them. Let reality be the consequence. Final one. True or false. Talking about punishing bad behavior but good rewarded should be rewarded. True. True. That's right. Great things about positive reinforce. Goes a long way to teaching them how to be good people. That was great. Felt like I was in school again. Got a little nervous with a pop

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"The social media apology to another mother has gained a lot of attention online.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30025166","title":"Mother Apologies on Facebook for Children's Real-Life Behavior","url":"/GMA/video/mother-apologies-facebook-childrens-real-life-behavior-30025166"}