Mother Drops Child Out Window to Escape Fire

Ashley Brown dropped her baby to a waiting neighbor as fire raged on.
3:53 | 10/29/11

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Transcript for Mother Drops Child Out Window to Escape Fire
We cannot stop watching this video 23 year old Ashley Brown trapped on the third floor apartment -- their two small children and her mother in law. -- fire -- below no other way out. Actually makes the gut wrenching decisions -- the only thing she can think she drops her two month old son three stories. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sort out problems Barack -- -- -- had to -- today. Lawrence Ford came through and then there was her other child that -- -- down she now had to tie a rope around her three year old daughter. And lower her down. Amazingly everyone gets out with barely a scratch and that's actually her family are joining us now from Atlanta this morning to tell the story good morning -- I good morning how are the kids -- when. They're doing -- both of them earning an and then again in the same. Same things that everyday. Can you take us to that moment where you have to make. This gut wrenching decision because you feel there's no other way first with your two and a half month old son Harvey. What are you thinking at that moment. There's so many thoughts going through your head when something like that's going on. You know it's just it's. It's just to me the only way to describe is your mommy instinct kicking your trying to save your kids. And that's the only thing going through your mind at the time is how am I gonna get my kids out say. And in that was my main goal we're looking at video of -- she's your three year old you found a rope -- -- closets. To tie her and lower. Yes. And that was at one point when I when I figured out that there was no way we were gonna get through the front aware I have my two and a half month old -- And I knew -- he wasn't going to be able to take the smoke. -- We went to the back room and I sat there -- trying to wrap my mind I gathered myself an accident that we got a got to think about. Some some way to get these kids out safe and so for some reason and a harness -- it came to mind my fiance likes the waterproofing and I knew he had a heart and stroke. In the -- The front closet in the hallway and I just ran out I grabbed it went back in the room. And had just tied it to the end table picked up our TV -- the TV on top of it and like -- said survival instincts were just taken in for my kids. Tulsa you are brave woman I know that -- so that worked for jade but there's no way you believe that you could've done that for little Harvey. Too much and half months old he was too small -- you have to trust a total stranger we saw lions say. I told her drop the baby and I I promised I would catch it. How did you trust him how how did you let your child -- three stories above your bravery is just remarkable. It was at that very hard decision but for a minute you know stand back and forth I don't know how long me and all the neighbors I was yelling outside you know. It's -- -- don't drop him others were saying drop them and then finally once that smoke just. Started coming through slowly but surely under that frame of the door I knew -- day it was time to make a move. What do you wanna say to Lawrence for at the man -- Not only caught your son but he was also the same man who went -- banged on your door to tell you there was a fire in the first place. Yes. -- -- can't express. I mean he saved my -- play. He's an amazing person and and the gratitude. For what he did it's just undescribable. Well we can see that little -- is exhausted I don't blame her she's been through quite an ordeal as have you we're so glad everybody's OK -- Yes retail. It's great to have you with us great to have you and I think -- family and and best of luck with everything.

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{"id":14841152,"title":"Mother Drops Child Out Window to Escape Fire ","duration":"3:53","description":"Ashley Brown dropped her baby to a waiting neighbor as fire raged on. ","url":"/GMA/video/mother-drops-child-window-escape-fire-14841152","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}