Mother of 2 who escaped Las Vegas concert gunfire: 'Fight or flight mode kicked in'

Jasmine Barbusca told ABC News it felt as if it took "forever" to escape after a gunman opened fire at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival.
5:10 | 10/02/17

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Transcript for Mother of 2 who escaped Las Vegas concert gunfire: 'Fight or flight mode kicked in'
Here on GM mainly continue to be live across the country. Bring you the latest. And in Las Vegas last night shooter killing more than fifty people injuring more than 400. The gunman at 64 year old man opened fire on 22000 people as they gathered there for country music festival. 122000. People there was jet regardless if she joins us now and she's on face time on this day she's gotten away from Las Vegas right now jasmine. Thank you for joining us right now I know you're there at the moment this all unfolded tell us what you saw. So today's Saudi was on a good time around and musicals really really loud. When we started hearing I actually thought it was fireworks. Then we heard the gunshots again and that's and -- not stop singing we looked at each other like that was not a firework. I'm not moment the gunshots came on again and we heard a lot of echoing other gunshot I didn't know where they're coming from we know Lou. Who had the diamond Dodgers got down we didn't know where to go what to do so far and is everybody. Everybody is screaming. Trying to it. Find a way to try to get down a home we were all standing up pretty straight. And we were all really packed in so when it was time to get down without public charter everybody stumbling just credit. Get some coverage they're there was none unfortunately. When the gunshots went off again I think that's when we just took off from you know which we go along we just went to the exit heard junior's law. Unfortunately the people that went opposite direction I mean who went towards where the gunman was and there was far our worst. And my friend and I would kind of run away we got single wall since Greta festival itself. But Kate it expense it is and while it's hard to get out the lyrics and outlaws. Trying to climb. There was a lot of men and had. And let's go to winning over the fence on an apple and sleepers. Homily were able to I'm older we just heard running. All you heard the gunshots and Erickson a gunshot to come down and start into the ground and it's taught me get up each had climbed the fence again. We finally made it overtly or running to fill the gun. The parking lot alone. Everybody just rented street it was colors it was policeman. Might have lost the connection there would cast and it is described the chaos right there we have things she said. The C do we ever back now. Yeah you're gay gay and we you're described me said men stopping to help women over the wall you saw some real heroism. It it was pretty intense in my I'm thinking I got here at. Be dead at five seconds for her and the standard. And Aaron. Tell all the went down he's couple who inclined to. Go. Over there and their wives their girlfriends to block their. And unfortunately those who got shot and the lives saved I. I was telling you Black River road and in the demand was there with a man who probably saved good morning women's lives eat he. He was really brings you this is regrettable and the bullets were coming close to. They're red and not just newly it was gonna units or not they're all over. How I did nuggets. God I honestly I'd. I'd be rich I don't know we ran. I the I know how hard it is how hard it has to be freer to live those moments are no. His image as you can't get out of your head right now jasmine thank goodness you're OK and you are have escaped this morning how long did it take you to get out of there. Uncles. It's. Forever. We could get an offense that the feds come down. We've got a brick wall and you can imagine also a sweater where's art's rich Clinton is brick wall that's. Are higher than us. How to get short women think I'm just saying we're script up we're really fight or flight or just she didn't just. The they gunshot. That's an island that any people out before and yeah go. Have you been Angel talking children in. I. Like yeah just either talk to them. I just. I don't think I'd start it up they would understand why money trying he don't show. I think it's best to wait I didn't. When you give them then you tell me that they have a strong mom they have a very strong what you've endured his son and everything here. By the grace of god. Thank you just praying for. The bump into.

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{"id":50233271,"title":"Mother of 2 who escaped Las Vegas concert gunfire: 'Fight or flight mode kicked in' ","duration":"5:10","description":"Jasmine Barbusca told ABC News it felt as if it took \"forever\" to escape after a gunman opened fire at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival.","url":"/GMA/video/mother-escaped-las-vegas-concert-gunfire-fight-flight-50233271","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}