Parents of Twins Get Fashion Makeover on 'GAA'

Karen and Luis Alicea get a new look courtesy of Gretta Monahan.
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Transcript for Parents of Twins Get Fashion Makeover on 'GAA'
First I didn't make every year -- GAA. And we've got the best woman to do and then -- got up today we're taking a husband wife team. I don't what they call not us their fashioned ride from British fast forward them to 2012. And who better to do it is once again our grew at a Miami. Okay. This qualifies the fashion I have been in a fashion. Brand long long time. More about how they felt yeah its home. Our exit these two great folks GA viewers both. Karen -- Lewis let's -- are here and again these are the old selves -- -- six months ago. If you can believe this they actually welcome. Twin little bullets into the world and that is why the world is a better place for -- As you can imagine first time parents again boys taken up all the waking -- I guess I would feel like I needed. It gives you a little and boosting the sort of -- did you and you feel when you look. Wanna take a look at the tape of what you do have yes -- without. It happened -- America -- eight. I paid -- out of there right in front of the -- -- Parents of twin boys spend happy. We have absolutely. No time for ourselves. -- -- -- -- -- I -- good news. And very quick and -- Teen girl. The people on. -- -- -- -- short for the patient. With the war generals. -- -- -- You tell them. We won't. I think it's made by -- would give -- a chance to finally do something. For. -- -- -- Here he the. -- people -- all creation yeah. Okay. We're. Okay. Yeah. My bedroom -- -- -- I ask you -- buddy Lindsey think inside -- I think she's absolutely. Gorgeous. -- -- -- -- -- -- You didn't show our -- I think that -- them -- and how do you feel about yourself. I feel great flick really -- -- could -- Every waking moment and you're you know to get instant game -- 212. And see what it would Greta what what what did you want to do again for two people who won't always. Out all the time. Absolutely -- about it's about cutting down on the time and every -- in the morning. Saving money. And feeling great -- -- sacked her parents the biggest -- you are you know percent to -- the biggest thing that women complain about have a hard time with after the get over the big deal of having giving birth. Is there hare there -- They care so for her efforts countless like her and were trying -- had no manageability of their hair so she Morton points up every single day so I worked at his company at its character I always -- new monster natural products. I switched her to up anti -- lake. Products such as many as seven days her -- conditional clear her roots and -- will be downstream conditions are you -- -- gave -- all -- -- to take -- at all that falcons did not want to -- Burnett wants yeah online tracking -- look -- so we lightened up -- and now we're we're natural. Then make actually Tutsi make up artists did her -- but also went to two and one make up formulas this way she can cut out all those extra steps and get her make up down from thirty minutes -- eight of five minutes now let's talk about -- deserted road. -- and Lily -- SEC. -- sixty tell me -- -- -- CNN those big Thompson can't I told him to stick to slim silhouettes dark colors because he feels like you put on a little Danny wait. And then I took him down to a colleague Jeanne it's a great thing -- -- to Wear to work on casual Friday's issue. And that's the blow -- that's. Let you -- cut back. Well you both look great what do you think mom. Feel great -- Good -- -- what do you guys. -- -- -- -- -- She's going to be -- on the Rachael -- show next week as the new season. --

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{"id":17151280,"title":"Parents of Twins Get Fashion Makeover on 'GAA'","duration":"3:00","description":"Karen and Luis Alicea get a new look courtesy of Gretta Monahan.","url":"/GMA/video/mother-father-twins-fashion-makeover-gaa-17151280","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}