Mother Helps Woman Give Birth Despite Language Barrier

Woman gives birth at a bus stop with the help of a complete stranger.
3:00 | 11/10/12

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Transcript for Mother Helps Woman Give Birth Despite Language Barrier
Now, to the story of a mom helping a mom. Complete strangers in an unlikely place under extraordinary circumstances. Imagine this. A woman in labor at a bus stop. Another woman rushing to help her. With neither speaking the same language. And the baby? Well, wasn't about to wait. Following an afternoon on campus with her son, 36-year-old emily brewer was flagged down as she waited for the bus. We're sitting here, enjoying the beautiful day. An this woman comes up to me. And she's in distress. And she's pointing to her friend inside the bus shelter. Reporter: On this bus stop bench, elizabeth lopez had just gone into labor. Brewer, with no medical training immediately called 911. Hi. There's a woman who's going into labor right now at a bus shelter. Okay. All right. Oh, my god. The baby was just born. The baby's here? She had the baby? Reporter: Lopez only speaks spanish. And brewer didn't have a translator. But despite the less than ideal delivery room, the two women worked together for what brewer calls a surprisingly easy birth. Oh, baby. Oh, baby. Gentlemen, this baby was just born. Oh, my gosh. I think in a situation like that, if you've been through labor, you speakmother. Reporter: Within minutes, paramedics took over. The next time brewer saw lopez, was in this hospital bed with her happy, healthy baby girl. So beautiful, with this small child I saw come into the world, wrapped up in her burrito blanket. Reporter: It's an experience that brewer and her 2-year-old son dillon will never forget. I just witnessed a birth at a bus stop. I'll never think of this bus stop the same again. I love that. She said, we both spoke the language of mother. And elizabeth is actually thinking of naming her daughter emily now. That's really cute. Great story. Coming up on "gma," new

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{"id":17689811,"title":"Mother Helps Woman Give Birth Despite Language Barrier","duration":"3:00","description":"Woman gives birth at a bus stop with the help of a complete stranger.","url":"/GMA/video/mother-helps-woman-give-birth-language-barrier-17689811","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}