Mother Loses Legs Shielding Kids

Stephanie Decker hailed a hero after debris falls on her while saving her kids.
2:43 | 03/06/12

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Transcript for Mother Loses Legs Shielding Kids
To a -- mom saved your children from a tornado's fury as a home collapse you protect your kids with everything she had and paid a high price. It -- -- -- brings is the story from west liberty Kentucky good morning that. Hey good morning George that's right through some combination of great. And look Stephanie Decker somehow managed to save her two kids even as -- home just like this one. Burst apart around her like -- -- refrigerator table cinder blocks. Falling on top of -- somehow she manages to save those two kids but it nearly cost her her life. When her -- wasn't enough to protect her two children Stephanie Decker protected them with her body. I heard the roar and I heard behind me. And I news. It was coming they needed me. You know that thing. They had to have me and so I had that figure out what to do. Her home was being sucked into the monster tornado as it wiped out huge sections of -- -- Indiana. In her first interview Decker tells ABC news as the storm approached she dashed into the basement with Dominic eight -- the Reese just five years old. -- those children and -- I was aware of the comforter and I tied to comforter. And my daughters that -- like this time around money. Then came the case -- -- debris and immediate agony. I was yelling I have a -- seven broker -- so yelling was. Really hard to date then she looked down her -- boat crushed knew I was cut but. I realize that your I'm very attacks. Or it's the -- severed. I am fighting it helps them. I was not bleed out then this he wrote mother watched as a new hero emerged her son Dominic braced for help. If nothing else happened. If I didn't make it -- -- here today. When my kids were okay. Hours later their mom was in the hospital for legs amputated and what her family still intact not Owens for a high. Left in the driveway it indelible concrete a testament to the -- -- survival. Reese and -- for Dominic. We want to make sure that we have kids there and he'll put their hand crafted we want them to know that this is Ayers. It's part of -- family. They see those the extent of those injuries -- and it's incredible to think that both of those kids. Came out without a scratch now Stephanie is still in critical but stable condition -- due to undergo surgery on both her legs later this week. Listen and -- a little boy acted so well as well I know what profile in courage from mom --

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{"id":15856147,"title":"Mother Loses Legs Shielding Kids","duration":"2:43","description":"Stephanie Decker hailed a hero after debris falls on her while saving her kids.","url":"/GMA/video/mother-loses-legs-shielding-kids-twister-15856147","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}