Mother of Three From 'The People's Court' Missing

Michelle Parker disappeared on the same day her episode aired.
2:36 | 11/20/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mother of Three From 'The People's Court' Missing
Search for a missing mother of three of her name is Michelle Parker she disappeared on Thursday. The same day an episode of the People's Court aired featuring her and her ex fiance. ABC's Dan -- on the story this morning bank of -- him hey Dan good morning to you this on again off again couple was fighting about money and -- the People's Court. Was the best way to settle things but once the verdict -- nobody saw Michelle Parker. Except the man she was fighting. -- don't -- you're suing your former fiancee Michelle Parker. For 5000 dollars in statutory maximum. For an engagement. These Florida -- turned to the People's Court to settle a dispute but on the same day this episode aired he gets pretty malicious and vindictive especially when he's been drinking. Expressing my camera on the ground. Michelle Parker disappeared. It happened Thursday after she dropped off the couple's twins in his Orlando home she was never heard or seen again. Her abandoned truck found a day later police gathered items from Smith's home and search the nearby woods but have not gone so far as to call him a suspect. He'd give it great laughing -- -- it. -- As searchers organize her family is making desperate pleas if. Anybody has cast her and you hold her hostage please go. Com home. She could raise her babies in their argument on the show. Parker revealed deeper conflicts in the relationship shouldn't put his hands on me and he shouldn't hands. His hands on me Pryor he shouldn't have left me they're four times over the past year and a half that we could get a. The show. Could provide clues for investigators. You know it's always possible that any time you. Have a public display of animosity between two individuals in a relationship that's going to exacerbate the problems between those two individuals. It's not the first time daytime television has shared the headline with a case. Back in 1996. A man was convicted of murdering an acquaintance. After he claimed the Jenny Jones show ambushed him with a -- crush confessional. And poor in this case a private dispute that played up for television audiences it's been -- -- of a roller coaster ride could be linked to this family's nightmare. My wife -- her body searching bill and outlets so we find -- -- home. Now according to show schedule this episode was taped last month so investigators are expected to closely analyze the activity of both Smith and Parker. Since the middle of October to help them in their search.

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{"id":14991995,"title":"Mother of Three From 'The People's Court' Missing","duration":"2:36","description":"Michelle Parker disappeared on the same day her episode aired.","url":"/GMA/video/mother-peoples-court-missing-14991995","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}