Moms Outfit Sons in 'Little-Boy Bling'

From skinny jeans to sunglasses, little boys are being dressed in the latest fashion trends.
3:00 | 10/17/12

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Transcript for Moms Outfit Sons in 'Little-Boy Bling'
Now, a hot, new, over-the-top fashion trend. Bling for baby boys. That's right. More and more new moms are dressing up their little sons in all kinds of extravagantly chic outfits. Abc's bianna golodryga, new mom herself, has the story. Reporter: For years, we've watched an ever-growing number of celebrities deck out their little girls in runway-ready fashions. But move over little ladies. There's some new kids on the fashion forward block. And, boy, oh, boy, they're boys. Seeing little boys wearing jewelry. Reporter: Michelle moddic is the editor of "mom finds" the blag dedicated to fashion babies. They turn their little boys to walking runways. Reporter: Among the most fashion-forward boys these days? Kourtney kardashian's little guy. Gwen stefani's two little men. And stylish to the stars, rachel zoe's skylar. Skylar is over a year old. But already has a closet full of accessories. Check out that real me sony scarf. Or the necklace. Le leslie says she's seen a steady uptick in moms everywhere blinging out their boys. When we started doing our events, babies were babies. They wore the little velour outfits. The onesies. Now, we see one-week-olds, wearing sneakers and the hats and the sunglasses. Reporter: To learn more about the trend, we assembled a group of moms with boys. All told us they love to dress their little men inhe latest trends. More and more boys are wearing skinny jeans. We did color blocking. You know? We were wearing red pants. Do you think a necklace is going too far for a boy? Do you think boys can wear jewelry? Yeah. Reporter: The ladies we spoke with, readily admitted their obsession with little man fashion, is from them not having the little girls they weren't having. How many of you were upset you were having a boy for exactly this reason? I found out I was having a boy and I cried a little. What am I going to do? Once I got a grip and started shopping for him, I realized a lot of stuff. And it was so cute. Adding this -- it gives him a little personality. Reporter: And now they discovered how to accessorize their guys, they say there's no turning back. Now, we have moms and their sons showing off their little boy bling. Including 6-month-old jake. What's he wearing? We don't do the jewelry thing. We do the cowboy boot thing. And then, the belt, as well. Really into belts. Too fussy? Hard to put on? Not now. Once he gets older. Next, we have dylan. What's dylan wearing? Dylan is wearing a cute, little outfit. The accessories he's not feeling so much this morning. P be uh he does love the hot. And he has the cool aviator glasses. I have two boys myself. If you put it on, does it mean it will stay on him? It depen on the day. It depends on the day and how he's feeling. It's up to him. Right, buddy? And next, 2-year-old alex. What's alex wearing? He's wearing -- well, his littleurfer jacket. I like that. Yeah. I grew up in sn california. And little pseudovans shoes. Yeah. That's fine. And then, we have the glasses, too, which he was wearing earlier today. And the little hat, which he'll sometimes put on. And then, you know, right now, not so much. What do your husbands think of this? Do they think it's too much or like it? They like it. I mean, he's kind of amused by it. And yours? We don't do too much over the top. We keep it conservative. Like the cowboy boots. Yeah.

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{"id":17498621,"title":"Moms Outfit Sons in 'Little-Boy Bling' ","duration":"3:00","description":"From skinny jeans to sunglasses, little boys are being dressed in the latest fashion trends.","url":"/GMA/video/mothers-purchase-extravagant-baby-outfits-17498621","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}