Motive Starts to Emerge in Santa Barbara Shooting

Authorities look into YouTube videos, detailed manifesto posted by alleged shooter Elliot Rodger.
9:54 | 05/25/14

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Transcript for Motive Starts to Emerge in Santa Barbara Shooting
morning, we're getting a much fuller picture of the gunman in the shooting ram page. Elliot rodger,nbñ whose writings reveal a mind that's disturbed. Some context this morning, take a look at this map, since 1996, there have been nine incidents of deadly gunman on or near a college campus resulting in a total of 62 deaths. The worse the massacre at Virginia tech. In the Santa Barbara case, the gunman opened fire at ten locations, killing six people and then himself. Ten crime scenes there. We have team coverage there, ABC's Clayton Sandell is at his home where the ram page began. But we begin with bazi kanani. Reporter: Over here, makeshift memorials like these are growing in places where students were killed. The shock in this college town now turned to grief as mourners learned of a victim of a premeditated killing spree and about the suspect allegedly carried out a vicious plan for revenge. This surveillance video shows the terrifying moment at the iv deli mart where students ducked for cover. The gunman right outside. He fired two shots in. Stopped for two seconds. Reporter: The deli was one of ten places Friday night, right next to uc-santa Barbara campus, where Elliot Rodger or hurt or killed people. Before that, police say Rodger killed three men inside his own apartment, all stabbed repeatedly, investigators say he tremendous drove to a sorority house and shot at young women in the area. His next stop, that deli, where a third uc-santa Barbara student died from gunshot wounds. When will this insanity stop? Will enough people say stop this madness? We don't have to live like this! Too many have died, we should say to ourselves not one more. Reporter: Deputies chased after Rodger in his BMW. It ended in a crash. Rodger shot in the head. Found in Rodger's car, three semiautomatic handguns and more than 400 rounds of ammunition, all purchased legally. Students gathered in silence Saturday night to honor the victims after the traumatizing violence. Colleges near here have made counseling services available to students. Again, a total of seven people including the gunman, are dead. Bianna. Too many have died. Bazi, thank you. Meantime, a very disturbing portrait of the maz murderer aé%÷ emerging. His parents recently called police after watching a youtube vid video he posted. ABC's Clayton Sandell is outside of Rodger's apartment with that side of the story. Clayton? Reporter: Good morning, bianna. Elliot Rodger's life appeared to be complicated and privileged. He also allegedly posted threatening videos on youtube and then that long manifesto. Elliot Rodger here. This morning, a clearer picture of the alleged shoot is emerging. 22-year-old college student seen here in these youtube videos left behind 141-page manifesto. Very apparent how disturbed Mr. Rodger was. Reporter: The bizarre autobiography seems to hint at why Rodger may have allegedly killed six people and injured 13 other. Writing, quote, all of my suffering on this world has been at the hands of humanity, particularly women. This youtube video investigators say, was posted hours before the attack, echoes those sentiments. Women gave their affection and love to other men. Reporter: The document delves deep. Into sibling rivalry. All I would need to do is think of the hurtful things that she said to me in that past. But what if father is in the house to stop me? Would I have to kill him, too? Rodger was in they care of multiple therapists as told to ABC news. The child was diagnosed at an earlier age of being a highly functional asperger's syndrome child. Reporter: It was a call from Rodger's family that brought deputies into contact of the 22-year-old less than a month before Friday's deadly rampage. He down played the concerns for his welfare and the deputies cleared the call. Reporter: According to the sheriff, Rodger legally purchased the semiautomatic handguns that he used in the killing spree. But before the shooting began, investigators say Rodger killed three men in his apartment, closely following the plans lead out in the manifesto. The first people I would have to kill are my two house mates to secure the entire apartment for myself as my personal torture chamber. Dan? Clayton, thank you. So, were key signs missed here? Just moments ago, I spoke with Santa Barbara sheriff, bill brown. As we reporteder, your department had three separate interactions with Rodger's family, in hind sight, do you think there were any opportunities you missed to stop this violence? You know, Dan, I think we could take a look at this from a monday-morning quarterback standpoint and this person, Mr. Rodger, presented himself in a mind that he was not a danger to himself or other people. Let me push you on this a little bit. Given his history of mental health issues and your department and given the types of things that he was saying on the internet, how high is the bar for something like involuntary commitment? Well, it has -- someone has to exhibit that he's a danger to other people under California law. You have said that no laws were broken here in that sense, do we need to change the laws? I think, what we need to do is to do a better job as a society of identifying underlining mental illness. It's obvious that Mr. Rodger had an extensive period of interactions with health care professionals. He was prescribed medication at one point that he didn't take. A delicate balance. Finally, you have described what a gruesome crime scene that you found at Mr. Elliot Rodger's apartment where he stabbed his roommates. How are the members of your department holding up? You know, it's been difficult on some of my staff, it's been difficult on all of us in terms of the tragic nature that occurred here. Some deputies were exposed not only these really gruesome crime screens but heartwrenching situations. Where they saw young people in the prime of their life gunned down die in front of them and that certainly that was very difficult for them. There were other deputies who responded to this active shooter situation and engaged in gun battles with Mr. Rodger and the extreme stress that's involved in that impacts all of them Asa well. But I'm very, very proud of the men and women of the Santa baara's sheriff office. Our thanks to sheriff bill brown. Coming up in our next half-hour -- we'll talk to Elliot Rodger's friend who gives us a look inside the mind of this troubled young man.

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{"duration":"9:54","description":"Authorities look into YouTube videos, detailed manifesto posted by alleged shooter Elliot Rodger. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23860795","title":"Motive Starts to Emerge in Santa Barbara Shooting","url":"/GMA/video/motive-starts-emerge-santa-barbara-shooting-23860795"}