Mount Rainier Hunt Ends After Discovery of Body

Body of Iraq war veteran, murder suspect Benjamin Colton Barnes in a river.
2:32 | 01/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mount Rainier Hunt Ends After Discovery of Body
To the massive manhunt. That came to a girl ran end -- Mount Rainier. National park when authorities found the body something's been Colton Barnes and Iraq War veteran Barnes was accused of murdering park ranger Margaret Anderson the mother of two. ABC's Neal Karlinsky is on the scene there for us this morning good morning -- Probably good morning the park remains closed today but deep inside -- this manhunt was playing out. Sources tell us the gunman was making his way along a river with thousand foot rock walls up -- each side. He froze to death before he could find his way out. It was a manhunt straight out of a movie. Elite swat teams in snowshoes following the trail of an armed gunman at more than 5000 feet through some of the roughest terrain in North America. Betrayal at times took them through chest deep snow. But when they finally caught up with 24 year old Iraq War veteran Benjamin -- Barnes and they didn't find -- -- -- soldier lying in wait. The FBI swat team and our swift water rescue team recovered the body. And the reason why we had to use a swift water rescue team that's because the body was located in -- river. -- had on only one tennis shoes jeans and a T shirt along with two guns. Police say he died from exposure over the course of -- freezing night. Was -- special forces. Trained soldier so did you have any special outdoors. Experience no he didn't he is found dead on hill ill equipped. Barnes had made it just over a mile from more police say he shot and killed 34 year old park ranger Margaret Anderson a mother of two seeing each year on the job just one day before she was killed. Hallmark of the tremendous individual she's worked here she and her husband for the last four years. Can just incredibly though -- nice person. Barnes left behind a car full of body armor weapons and supplies. And -- keeper trailing court documents that describe but troubled young man who was at times suicidal. And you may have suffered from post traumatic stress disorder from his time in Iraq. Those who knew Anderson in this small tight knit community have no sympathy for the gunman. There's a wrong and -- right now I don't care what you want -- Iraq they went somewhere else. There's no excuse for what it did. No one here can make any sense of this only that the gunman was a troubled young man who fortunately couldn't make it out of this park. And heard anyone else Robin as he said no no way to make sense of this thank you very much.

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{"id":15278361,"title":"Mount Rainier Hunt Ends After Discovery of Body","duration":"2:32","description":"Body of Iraq war veteran, murder suspect Benjamin Colton Barnes in a river.","url":"/GMA/video/mount-rainier-murder-hunt-ends-discovery-body-benjamin-15278361","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}