Mysterious Barges Pop Up On America's Coast Lines

Rumors speculate that high-tech giant Google is behind the puzzling appearances.
2:22 | 11/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mysterious Barges Pop Up On America's Coast Lines
-- mysteries on the water elaborate strange looking barges have been seen floating off both coasts first in San Francisco now in Maine. Imaginations are running wild there's speculation that a high tech giant is behind all of this. And ABC's rob Nelson has spent overnight hours -- indeed all this rapid market. -- and good morning guys. -- no matter how much digging is being done political leaders even the Coast Guard are not saying much at all all of these -- lives only fueling speculation about what tech giant Google. Could have in store. They are floating mysteries on both coasts of the country. Giant contraptions whose purpose is is murky as the water itself. Check out this fortress like barge in the waters off Portland Maine and this heap of metal near San Francisco. It's already a year in the -- starting to look like a factory covered in construction -- and antennas. Now locals are trying to figure out just what in the world and they are. Green containers them. There from a post term clear more and shipping them off. There are reports this morning at this is all the work of tech giant Google now Google -- -- commenting just yet but there are some clues. Including the company's patent application for a so called a floating platform melted computer data center. I think it's an underwater. -- system that Google's been organized and so as -- ocean bottoms in things like that. And Illinois where they built some economic -- ABC news has also learned the company has met twice with -- San Francisco Bay conservation and development commission the agency that hands out permits to use the -- What we think it might be is any way and mcdougals describes to -- is a wave for the Bay Area the learn about technology. No one has gotten a glimpse inside the structures and it's anybody's guess what one of the world's best known companies has up its sleeve. Meanwhile theories are floating as well we've heard through the -- -- One minutes Google. That -- some type of -- that they have and it's a mobile. Mobile data center. Now in a statement the US Coast Guard confirmed that it is working with the owners of the barges to make sure all of the right permeating is in place but that's as far as they go. Even the mayor -- -- Cisco says he is in the dark as well. As you like to say -- TV. -- -- --

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{"id":20763755,"title":"Mysterious Barges Pop Up On America's Coast Lines","duration":"2:22","description":"Rumors speculate that high-tech giant Google is behind the puzzling appearances.","url":"/GMA/video/mysterious-barges-pop-americas-coast-lines-20763755","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}