Mysterious New York Illness Continues

New Theory is being raised in illness that causes random tics and outbursts.
2:01 | 02/04/12

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Transcript for Mysterious New York Illness Continues
We have new information this morning on that mystery illness sweeping through -- high school in upstate New York teenage girls -- -- strange random antics and outbursts. The case getting national attention and involvement from Erin Brockovich herself. So could this new theory explain all of it here's ABC's Linda Davis. Finally new theories attempting to its willingness mysterious illness in enrolling New York. -- -- -- -- -- Pediatric -- -- psychiatric syndrome which means. The sudden onset of the symptoms like tapes and Norah OCT. Doctor triple -- is awaiting test results on several of the victims to determine if hands could finally be the answer. Yeah. Disorder is found in children and the other first adult victim has come forward a 36 year old nurse. All of the other fifteen victims who come down with these mysterious tapes dozens and seizures. Our teenagers like -- Parker I can't stand for more than about two -- -- Sign in a wheelchair. And my vocal. And take everything everything gets really bad at night. Doctors are weighing in from across the country some say the causes environmental. Others say it's more generally it's a disease involving painful sores. And the neurologist who's treated many of the teens says it's mass hysteria. -- environmental crusader Erin Brockovich believes environmental toxins from a 1970 chemical spill might explain the outbreak. But findings from the new York state department of health released yesterday. Didn't find infectious or environmental causes for these illnesses the latest report from an independent firm hired to analyze test results of the high school. Gives no further clues to solving this mystery. It only recommends. More testing. For Good Morning America Lindsey Davis ABC news New York.

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{"id":15512479,"title":"Mysterious New York Illness Continues","duration":"2:01","description":"New Theory is being raised in illness that causes random tics and outbursts. ","url":"/GMA/video/mysterious-york-illness-continues-15512479","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}