Mystery Star Sues to Get Engagement Ring Back

Documents show a mystery A-Lister wants the ring from a failed 2003 engagement.
2:27 | 02/18/12

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Transcript for Mystery Star Sues to Get Engagement Ring Back
Story that sounds like the plot of a blockbuster romantic thriller and it's the top of Hollywood this morning the big question who -- the big -- big time star dumped by his fiancee. And finding for her to return the ring he gave her. ABC Cecilia Vega investigates. Someone did put a ring on it apparently I really didn't want Whitman -- Thousand dollar price tag -- the man who gave it away is now suing to get it that yeah. Oh boy is more light in -- town known for its own self help break up this morning. -- -- -- Angeles court documents -- recently England as the former flame at the center of the 2003. Marriage proposal but as for the would be -- suing her. He is simply John Snow and according to gossip web site TM CMR. Dell is a big -- eight -- act. It's not surprising that the lawyer would ask -- to be filed under the name John go. This is potentially humiliating nobody likes to be embarrassed in public pretty -- A list star -- Friedman was once engaged I Ian Ziering Beverly Hills 902 -- -- Dancing With The Stars -- Reports say he is not the superstar mystery man. Could it be one of Hollywood's most eligible bachelor's George Clooney Ryan Gosling perhaps we know. We're gonna have to wait for the court documents and see how this case unfolds. And I suspect like everything else in this -- we'll find out who the A list actor who filed the -- just because secrets are hard to keep. And still our engagement rings in California if the wedding is called off. Engagement rings are considered an outright gifts. Under California law if that marriage doesn't happen and you really need to give it back. However the mystery actor is he says he's suffering from severe emotional distress and he wants it in the ring back -- cash value and punitive damages. But I can only speculate and wouldn't -- be a fantastic story if that turns out to be George Clooney the thought occurs to me. It's George Clooney I don't think he would have given every more than nine. For Good Morning America Cecilia Vega ABC news Los Angeles. I get a quickly got a lot of money but -- you report the other day that he gave this interview that city was lonely and sad and on the he would never marry -- -- but he said he was done so -- -- him. I don't think it's going to veto items I don't think -- and I have the cast gathering -- -- that's just me speculation.

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{"id":15743484,"title":"Mystery Star Sues to Get Engagement Ring Back","duration":"2:27","description":"Documents show a mystery A-Lister wants the ring from a failed 2003 engagement. ","url":"/GMA/video/mystery-star-sues-engagement-ring-back-15743484","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}